My Little Pony Moonbow

  I never got into G4 of My Little Pony but for some reason G5 (which is set in the same reality as G4, a first for the franchise!) really grabbed me. I saw the pilot movie and was like I need these in my collection. Last month while at Wal-Mart I saw some on clearance and a friend saw me looking at them and bought me 1 for my birthday, I obviously chose my favorite. I just love her personality!

She came with many accessories including this hat.
 As a MLP, she has her "cutie mark. Unlike most though this scale has the ponies hair be sculpted. I actually prefer it this way!
  She also has articulation (something most of my ponies don't have! Her head and legs are articulated!
 She has this crystal that holds her accessories.
Her accessories!
Stickers you can put on her.
She also comes with a bracelet and charms.
Here she is with a few of my G4 crew.
Catalog side of mini poster.
Mini poster.