Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Quick post

 Still way behind on posts due to major life issues but wanted to throw up a post so this one is a quickie from images I took months ago. Its of the 5.5 Sslithe from Funko. He is a great figure and thankfully I haven;t encountered the QC issues of the Thundercats line with the 2 that I have!
 Sslithe with figures from the other Savage Worlds lines: Zorn, Jason, and Kitanna!
Lion-O vs Ssslithe without his famous sword :O

Friday, May 31, 2019

A trip to see Froggies!

 Sadly I have had a bad week last week (and before that depression hit hard) so I was just not up for blogging. By last Thursday I was so down in the dumps it wasn't funny so when I said to my case manager that i needed to see some froggies, he was like lets go. Boy did I see them and get some great shots! I even saw lots of tadpoles! I love Minnitrista here in Muncie. The frogs were in the area I nickname the "Frog Pond" and the turtles are from where I nickname the (you guessed it) "Turtle Pond!" I would go more often but its getting too hot here and its a half hour or so walk to get there (my CM drove me).

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

8-Bit Mega Man

  A few months ago I went to Gamestop for the first time in ages and found not only Gizmo Duck bit this! I love Jaks Pacific's World of Nintendo 8-Bit line (sadly I can never find them) and wanted to grab the Mega Man ones as well.  As I don't want multiple Mega Men and can't find the singles, this is the only set I will probably get!
  These are fantastic! unlike the Nintendo ones the image is on BOTH sides so you can arrange it anyway you want. the Nintendo ones are flat on the back. Also unlike the NES ones, these have minimal articulation (the NES ones have no articulation!) Although I forgot to take pics, they both have removable weapons. All in all these are great figures (the inside of the box can even be used as a diorama as seen here!) If your a 8-Bit fan these are definitely for you and pretty cheap as the two-packs just cost 9.99!

Monday, May 13, 2019

4 Comic strips from a Canadian paper in 1929!

 Here's a real treat! Some comics from 1929!  I found these in the newspaper archives! 

  I'll be doing more of these in the future! My only rule is all must be pre-70s so you'll see some from the 60s soon too.

Friday, May 10, 2019

1929 Mothers day comic!

 Here's a real treat from 1929 and thats older than most (if not all) of us! I found this in the newspaper archives months ago (as I plan to showcase old comics here very soon). Since Mother's Day is Sunday, I felt what better time than now? Hope you all enjoy!

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Misc Stuff

  Spring is in the air and therefore its time for Spring Cleaning. In an effort to catch up, I Decided to do a misc stuff post. All of the stuff in this post but the item directly below are from 2.99 bags. I got other stuff from them like Disney but those we=ill be in a future Disney post!
  The only items not from Goodwill in this post. These dinos are from the Jurassic World Imaginext line. I have not seen them often and once I decided I wanted them, obviously they were nowhere tobe seen. Recently they started popping up again and I grabbed them!
  Ypu'll notice alot of junk in these bags but I felt stuff I wanted in them made it to the 2.99 price. This is just the stuff i'm showing as some went directly into my bins and will be donated or given away probably. The stuff shown in this post, I either have in my displays or might display one day. I love the Berenstein Bears McD's figure, the army man (I'm getting a good collection of this style now) and that block are also cool. I might have to make my bedroom or front room into an ocean motiff as I have so much water things now lol.
  Kay is from BK and is a stand in until I get the action figure of him in 3 3/4 to go with Jay. The others are a Star Wars clone trooper, a little live pets mouse, and Mr Kennedy missing an arm. Thankfully that is easy enough to hide. All of these are on display!
  See? My army men are expanding! lol
  These cards are with my TMNT things, the bag also had LOTS of vintage and vintage re-released weapons! I also love that nasa airplane!
  My TF superhero squad style figures has grown! Also I love this neat female Imperial soldier!
  The rabbit was part of my Easter display and the Shopkin bag is with my Shopkins, the rest I am debating on what to do with BUT that Small soldiers guy I have ideas for. All but the Shopkin are from Restaurants!
 Misc stuff. Cyborg replaced my older Cyborg that looked like he was flying.
  This demon I really like. Sadly I can't get a decent pic of him!
  Cyclops replaces my previous 3 3/4 version as this one is the 90s look/ Vader and Thor are on display in their areas.
 And of course I have a new frog! this was not in the bags if I recall correctly. I think I paid 99 cents for him! That is all for now but even more to come soon!

Monday, May 6, 2019

Gizmo Duck from Funko

Ironically I haven't talked about this yet! Its odd because I was so ecstatic to find him all the way back in February! This shows how backlogged I really am (I still have stuff from late December/January to showcase!) This is what happens when you get sick and just go through the motions lol.
 I am a HUGE fan of Gizmo Duck and always wanted an action figure, we actually almost got one back in the 90s (as you can see above) for the Playmates Darkwing Duck line. Alas that line was cancelled before he could see the light of day (and other characters that I hope to see one day in Funko's line!)
 Decades later, we finally get him and he does NOT disappoint! He has articulation at the arms and head, but he also has a working wheel (something the Playmates figure looks like it would NOT have had)! Also his waist swivels! The paint is minimal but thats how it should be and is painted where it ought to be painted (something Funko does well and other companies should follow, especially since Funko is also much cheaper than the other companies!)
 Although I forgot to take a pic with them, he also fits in well with the Playmates line as they are around the same scale of the Funko line!
 All in all I am very happy with ol' Gizmo duck! Might have taken decades but it was well worth the wait!
 Funko is hitting it out of the park with this line. I just wish that we would get more than just one wave per year and the occasional exclusive!
 Now I just need to get the triplets (which are an exclusive) and then I'll have all of the duck figures for this line (except for Launchpad which I don't plan to get as the Playmates one works just as well.
  Now all we need is a 2017 Gizmo Duck to put with that series and then we'll be all set!
 Thats it for now, but more to come later this week!

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Quick: Little Mermaid Lego!

  I found this set of Lego Juniors at Wal-Mart on clearance back in January! I have been wanting a Little Mermaid set but never saw any I was willing to pay what they were asking for! Whats so great about this particular one is  that you get Ariel, Flounder, and Sebastian!
  As an added bonus heres another Mermaid (pony) figure I found recently. This is from the more recnt My Little Pony movie and was found at Five Below. The shell and Starfish have suction cups!