Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Recent Snow

 Just thought that I would share some snow pictures from this year. 

Friday, February 15, 2019

Imaginext Display!

 I'm going to mostly let the pictures speak for themselves but this is my current Imaginext set-up. You'll notice "Posters" that I printed up and put all over the castle. You'll also notice that "Castle Destro" is now "Wayne Manor". The funny thing is that this isn't even all of my Imaginext! lol

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Valentine item from Dollar Tree!

Happy Valentines Day. Since I have been MIA for a month I thought i'd do a bonus post today! There will be another post tomorrow!
  Last year I saw this TMNT Valentine box kit at Dollar Tree but  chose against it, this year I saw it for half off so I got it lol.
  It came with all you see here.
  It had these giant Stickers that you could put on it.
  As well as these stickers.
  The red sheet is hearts.
  Also because its for Valentines, it came with actual Valentines. 8 Varieties!
   All in all I love this thing and it doesn't need tape so it folds right up.
  Here it is all finished.
  I haven't decided what to do with it yet.
  Although I have used it for some photo shoots like the Toy Box Christmas II post!
  Its awesome, I might hang it on the wall with thumb tacks and put Megaconstrux TMNT or other TMNT mini figures on it as a display.
  There are definitely possibilities.
  Hope you enjoyed this holiday post where I ramble on about a cheap Valentines day box!
  Oh and here is what the back of the Valentines look like!

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

From My Mom's Collection!

 This is why I love Precious Moments, My mom collected Nurse versions of them and other figurines. These two precious figures (one from Precious Moments) are actually from my mothers collection. My Dad was nice enough to send them to me. They now are on my Precious Moments/ Fragile shelf above my bed so I can see them everyday!

Monday, February 11, 2019


   After a month long hiatus, I have returned as promised! I needed to deal with personal stuff and kept getting sick due to this yo yo'ing temperature up here in Indiana! This post is long overdue and I apologize to my friend The Toy Box that it took this long. Last month he once again gifted me a box of goodies and I greatly appreciate it! Inside were Holiday candies and snacks that are long devoured but were great and toys!
  I haven't decided if I will open this or leave it as one of my very few unopened toys but omg Kitt! I loved Knight Rider as a kid and even had a Kitt car like this one. This is so awesome.
  As many of you know by now, I love Transformers and related properties. One of those said properties are the McChangeables! I didn't have either one of these yet and my dino collection is growing!
  The stegofries was the under 3 toy!
 As a huge fan of the Peanuts (and comic strips in general - as a future feature proves), this crayon set is cool!
  Especially love the art!
  I have been wanting the old Star Trek Mego figures but never took the plunge. Well now I have Kirk and Scotty! They look great with Chris Pine Kirk as well. These are surprisingly my first ever MEgo figures (past or present) that I Know of!
  Ok I am happy to have this Rambo figure, been interested in him ever since so many have talked about him. The only bad thing? I never saw any of the Rambo movies or cartoon. Whats so odd about that is I love war movies and Stallone.
  I am one of the minority but I love the Tyco Willow line, so when I got all of these I flipped. I went from 0 to all of these.
  Whats even cooler is I need just 2 or 3 more to have all of the ones I had as a kid!
  He also sent me these issue 1 comics. I never heard of any but I do enjoy them. Topps comics was actually a company I really loved as a kid.
 Last up is the best imo. As you all know by now I love GIJOE And I love the vintage line so getting 4 is awesome. I didn't have any of these (the closest is Wet Down which was a repaint of this Torpedo)! Even bigger a deal? I have always wanted a Doc! I also had Tunnel Rat as a kid and the Tiger Force deco of Recondo so all 4 of these were awesome additions to my collection! Thanks to Toy Box for these great gifts!