Thursday, December 13, 2018

Um Let It Snow?

 Yesterday I showcased some pics of me in the snow as a kid, today how about some pics from this year? We haven't had a great snowfall yet (in my opinion) but we've had some nice snow events and an ice storm! The ice storm I have 0 Pics as I refused to go out, I even cancelled a doctor appointment due to it! Thankfully Ice storms are rare here as this was just the second one I have been in in my life.

 The first 4 are around my old college and the church across from it!
 Kara chilling out inside!
  These last 4 are outside my house and are from last week!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Memory Lane!

         Welcome to my winter event, decided not to do 25 Days of Christmas but still celebrating the rest of the month!
 Recently my father sent me even more pictures from my childhood! These 3 are actually awesome. They were taken in the 90s (I believe judging by how old i look). The place was Buffalo New York at my Grandparents! This was back when I lived in Georgia and rarely ever saw snow! Ironically even though I see it regularly, it still means something to me when it snows, its so beautiful but a pain to have to do stuff in it lol.
 Having Fun.
 Have no clue what I was doing. Making a  snow volcano perhaps?
Snow shoveling back when it was fun! Now its a pain!

Friday, December 7, 2018

Couple Quickie's!

 Just a quickie. A couple images that I added to Instagram earlier:
Kara! This took me awhile to get as she kept turning her head before the camera took the Pic!
I am opening this year's Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar! These are the first 6 days (in no order). Does anyone know what those ships on each side are? Those are the only two I Don;t know! The other 4 are: Rose or a Resistance Fighter that looks like Rose, She is on Luke's Landspeeder or a generic landspeeder, The droid is either Ig-88 or another IG unit (Assassin Droid), and the last one is Cloud City with an invisible base and a cloud car!

Wednesday, December 5, 2018


 No commentary today but here is She-Ra from Super 7 (I love this figure) and comparison shots with other lines as well. Sorry for the quality of some, had issues with the camera and had to turn on the desk lamp which caused a horrid glare (He-Man shot is worst!)
 That is it for now but much more to come!

Monday, December 3, 2018

Funko's Savage World Lion-O

 So I recently bought Lion-o and glad that I did! Man this 5.5 figure is great. He comes with the sword of omens and his claw shield!
 I actually think that he looks better than the original, He sort of looks closer to the cartoon in my opinion. You can also see him with his 2011 (3.75 version) counterpart.
  Next to vintage Ma-Mutt he looks ok I guess....
 but he looks great with 2011 Snarf!
  Who would have ever thought that we would ever be able to do this?
 Here he is with all of my Funko 5.5 figures (all but Zorn are "Savage World!)

 That is it for today but more to come!

Sunday, December 2, 2018


 New Arrivals is back! We'll start with my non Christmas stuff!
 Some of these things will be focused on in future posts!
  First up I got a Thomas blind bag, I actually got 2 but holding on to it and a Transformers one for Christmas!
  Speaking of Transformers, I found the Battl Master (target Master) Lionizer from the all new "Seige" line and the older Ramhorn from the "Titans Return" line. Is it just me or are they getting smaller? Titans Return and Power of the Primes' Prime Masters also included tiny robots, Lionizer is all you get!
So am I wrong or are they getting tinier?
  I got Lion-O from the Funko "Savage World" line. Mine seems to have decent QC (many are broken in or right after the package. Also saw Mumm-Ra but chose...
  She-Ra instead. The pictured one is actually a gift for a friend but I got myself one too. Used his as a pic as I forgot to snap a pic of mine in package!
  Also for the first time in ages I got books! I got 4 but only showing one off (as the other is Christmas related!) I love Snoopy so I of course got this but I was also fascinated with a story without the Great Pumpkin set during Halloween and made AFTER the special!
  They had all 4 in this series but I only got this one as I have little "Prehistoric Animals" books compared to Dinosaur ones!
  Last book is a big one for ME! I finally found "My Teacher Fried My Brains!" Why is this such a BIG deal?
  It completes the series! Now I just have to Complete "Bunnicula" and "Scary Stories to tell in the Dark" to have the big 3 "Children's Books" of my childhood (in my opinion!)
 Last up is not something I got but something that my now former Case Manager got me (she sadly starts a new job on Monday the 3'rd) on her vacation! I requested the guide map and she got me one and an hours sheet too. These will be treasured and added to my "Disney collection" soon!
 That's it for now, but more to come soon!

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving

 Happy Thanksgiving, hope you are all safe and have a great day!

Below is a book I been meaning to review for Thanksgiving for years now lol, maybe next year.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Multiverse Supergirl

  On the first I finally broke down and bought the DC Multiverse Supergirl. Since Supergirl and the Flash keep flip flopping as my favorite tv show currently on network television (and the fact that not only is Supergirl one of, if not my favorite DC hero but that I also have a collection of her figures), its shocking that I kept saying no. The sad truth is the face sculpt, I hated it but am glad that I finally caved and for $5? I am definitely happy!
  No stunts, I actually got her to stand that way ONCE! lol
  All 4 of my "Arrowverse" figures. Supergirl is the only one I ever passed on, I never saw any of the other Arrowverse figures :(
                                                             Her "meh" face sculpt.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

My Latest Skeleton Animal!

  On the first, I got another animal skeleton for my collection. This one has been on my radar for years so when I saw it half off at Walgreens, I had to pick him up.
  This bat is completely static with only one bit of articulation but it is so cool. I am thinking of having him as a skeleton troop of Skeletor!
  The one bit of articulation (like the other 2 in the Walgreens series) is its mouth. I wish you could rotate its wings but oh well. At least with the rat you CAN adjust its tail as its flexible.
 I have owned the other two for years but got them at Target, As I only saw these 3 at Walgreens I am playfully calling them the Walgreens wave, even though all 3 were at Target for years.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Stan's Soap Box Articles!

Here is one more Stan Lee article, I plan to get back to basics soon!
 While searching for images for my Stan Lee tribute, I came across old Stan's Soapbox articles that ran in Marvel comics back in the day. Here are just a few that I Found via a Google search! These are some of my favorites that I saw, some about stopping hatred, others about well you'll see.
 Thank God that DD never became a series, man was that version awful, don't get me wrong, I loved those movies but yeah they weren't that great as interpretations. Dr. Strange on the other hand was a travesty that it never made it to series!  Below are some Q and A's, now I see why the 90s movies were far better than the 80s and why Man-Thing was straight-to-DVD and not in theatres! Also below is a great example of hyping too soon since this stuff for the most part NEVER happened!
 Chose to add this but will let it speak for itself.
Well, since Thanksgiving is next week, here in the States, heres a Thanksgiving Soapbox!
2099 was by far one of (if not the best) Universes that Marvel ever did. Below is a soapbox that I think ran in Marvel Age.