Pop Culture League Challenge: Toony Terrors!

  This week, Brother Midnight chose to just do a random post and resurrect the pop culture league. While he did it just for fun, I chose to jump right on it for the same reason (and I miss the league lol) 

 He chose to do a top 10 list of characters that he wants made from the awesome line Toony Terrors from Neca! Here's mine:

10) Haunted Mask 2 Pack

 I originally wanted to go with the creeps from Goosebumps, I realized that the Haunted Mask saga is the one that I remember the most!
09) Frankenstein/ Bride Of Frankenstein 2-pack
I still can't believe that they haven't released any of the classic Universal monsters yet! These guys are so low on the list mainly due to the fact that ol' Franky is my least favorite of the Universal Monsters that made this list, but is by far an integral character!

08)Wolf Man
 The Wolf man is an integral part of horror and definitely is needed. That and this guy so deserves a figure more than Michael J Fox's Teen Wolf (who does have one!)

07) Dracula
 They made the Nosferatu, what better compliment for that figure than the ol' count Dracula?

06) Michael Jackson (Thriller)

I know many will be like seriously? But the truth is Michael's Thriller changed music videoes and to this day I still love it and lets be honest his zombie look was awesome! (as was his werewolf)

 Ok I admit it, he didn't make the cut due to his size. I'd be fine with a normal action figure toony size but I know many would not be. However, Godzilla should be in the line in my opinion!

05) The Mummy

 I can't think of anything cooler than a mummy with its hands out. Plus he'd look so cool with my Scooby-Doo's!

04) Edgar Allen Poe

 My all time favorite Poet and writer! I have such fond memories of him. He would need to come complete with a raven and a bust for the raven to go on!

03) The Creature!

 Ol' Gillman is my all-time favorite of the Universal monsters and had to be here but who coulda thrown him down to the #3 spot?

02) Bunnicula 3-pack

 Ok I know, like Jackson, you guys are thinking what the beep? Truth is even to this day I love the Bunnicula books (and considering I don't like many books that means something!) This set would feature Harold (dog), Chester (cat), and the vampire rabbit himself Bunnicula, complete with  white veggies that he has drained the life out of!

01) The Cryptkeeper

 One of only 2 that also made Brother Midnight's list! Cryptkeeper deserves a figure in this line. He would come with the book.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this fun little top 10 post, if so go ahead and enjoy my fellow former league member Brother Midnight's list!


  1. Great list. Nice to see Pop Culture League posts again.


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