Did ya Miss me?

 Happy New Year!

 Hey guys! I'm back.... I had to deal with the emotions from the holidays AND my nuisance neighbor. I mean thanks to him I had a literal nervous breakdown on December 1! Anyway, I'm back. Not sure how many posts regularly but I have ALOT to show including more G.I.Joe: Classified!  Today I will show off a Jurassic Park set I got months ago on clearance!

The included raptor with my other Mattel dinosaurs!
As you can see in these pictures, the kids are very small!
As my name is Alexis, I have been wanting a Lexie for some time.
The dirt is a good touch considering this set is supposed to be from that famous kitchen scene and that was after they were lost in the park with Grant!
Included raptor with Blue pack-in that came with owen and the JP 3 raptor!

 Man that face.... More posts to come!


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