123....Vintage(ish) Party!

Thanks to Brother Midnight and the new reissues, I am amassing a nice collection of the vintage Transformers sculpts. As someone who loved the Transformers but only had a handful of them, this is a great time for me!
 Hot Rod's packaging art. All the single images are rereleases.
Hot Rod 
 A shot of the above bots together.
 Perceptor, G2 Grimlock, and a vintage targetmaster!
Hot Rod ambushed!
I saved Bumblebee for last because this was the bane of my existence! Bumblebee is 3 per case but was impossible to find! Why?
 Because not only is he one of the most famous tf's now, but this is the first time that ha has been available in the states with the cartoon accurate head!
 As you can see I have all but Prime in the Autobot releases and none of the Decepticon ones lol. That's it for today, more to come soon!


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