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 As you probably know by now, Saturday was my birthday! I showcased what Dad got me but I got other presents this year! Cassie's I showed off last January as it was both Birthday and Christmas and included 3 awesome Transformers and the entire line of Funko's Disney Afternoon figures!
 However on Friday I got a surprise from my downstairs Neighbor Bill. He and his roommate had no clue what to get me but knew that I collected toys and got me my first ever Marvel Pop figure. (Yeah that shocked me when I realized I had no Marvel Pops. I had Mystery Minis, Pint size Heroes, even Dorbz but no Marvel Pops.) So I was ecstatic to get her! Its Proxima Midnight from "Infinity War" and she's one of Thanos' soldiers!
  Then on my actual birthday I got a present from Brother Midnight in my mailbox! What timing huh?
  First off I found these awesome M.U.S.C.L.E.S. As you may know I love this line and with these I now have 8 (all I got from him!)
  I also got this little guy! I had this one as a kid so its great to re-add him. Also Brother Midnight knew how much I had been wanting Battle Beasts in general. This guy will be added to my Transformers Shelf!
 This is Kitana from Funko's Mortal Kombat X (5.5) line! I wanted her more than any other in that line so I am thrilled to have her! She will eventually join my Masters of the Universe figures (5.5) once I finish the reworking of that shelf!

 So thats what I got for my birthday. Thank you again to Brother Midnight and Cassie (Bill doesn't read this blog)!


  1. Nice!I wonder If you'll go crazy collecting POPs now ,lol!

    1. lol nope. I have to much to collect other than them lol. However I do get pops from time to time.

  2. If you get a moment, please share pics of the broken Scrooge McDuck. I'm both curious and sad to hear about yours breaking.


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