Gifts From A Friend - The Conclusion - Transformers

 So recently I got a box from Big Bad Toy Store from a friend! In it was the entire collection of the Funko Disney Afternoon Collection (including the chase!) and these three Transformers! All three of these are from the "Thrilling 30" era of the Generations line. They also all are deluxes and came with comics (like my Waspinator - also from this line - did!) But they have one more thing in common, they are all females!
 First up is the most important of them all to me - ARCEE! I finally get to take out my "Prime" Arcee and put this one in her place! I wanted this one because with the exception of the car being seen in the back, she is G1 accurate and I can't wait to add her to my g1 section!
 Speaking of my "Prime" Arcee, this is a retool of that figure (shes even blue like that figure, but a different shade). This is Chromia I had no clue she was a retool of Arcee until later but I could care less. I love this figure and she is actually one of my favorite Transformers now!
 The final figure is the fan choice winner Windblade! This figure has since gotten many other figures which is shocking considering this figure was released in 2013! She has appeared in the IDW comics, multiple cartoons (Combiner Wars, Titans Return, and the Prime spin-off Robots In Disguise) and had two Generations toys (this one and one in Titans Returns) and multiple figures in the line based on the Robots in Disguise cartoon in that short time period. I am actually quite shocked how much I love this figure, I might like her more than my pink Arcee! 😲 Don't the three of them look great together? I love all 3 and recommend them to all Transformers fans (and female robot fans).
   That is it for the gifts and trade posts for now. Its shocking I got 3 packages in my mail in less than a month lol.