Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Limahl - Never Ending Story (Official Music Video)

I bet they never knew how timeless this song would be. What a great song from a great movie!

Monday, June 1, 2020

Quick Post: Wind Raider Hot Wheel Rant

 I will focus on the actual Hot Wheel more in a future post but look at this scale pic I took! The new MOTU Wind Raider hot wheel is the same size/smaller than a typical .99 cent Hot Wheel but costs $6 like the Ecto-1! Sure its heavier but still, just feels like a rip-off to me! I just can't get over it and really annoys me!

Friday, May 29, 2020

Toy Box Christmas- Part 2!

 Earlier this month I got a package from my good friend The Toy Box! It was what has become a tradition and was a Christmas package, but this time in May! 
 The box had heroes drawn on it like Batman and the letter had a ninja turtle. I thought those were pretty cool touches! Last week; I took a look at the reading material and this week I'll look at the rest!
 Though I have decided not to take a look at the food, I felt this made sense. He sent me 2 cans of Spider-Man pasta!
 He also sent me two cups from Solo! I assume they are from the movie theater but regardless are pretty cool and now reside in my Star Wars collection!
  I also got this game that looks interesting.
 Due to the amount, I won't be doing commentary of the cds but do want to say thank you very much, I really like some of the choices here!
 Now is the time for what most come here for, as I said last week there weren't many but he did send me toys and they were epic for me! Above is a vintage Star Wars toy from 1977!
 First off are these 6 Worlds Smallest figures. I have been wanting these so I was shocked to see them, i will be doing an actual post and individual pics of them very soon, they deserve it!
  As a kid I only owned a handful (if that) of the Captain Power toyline. Lately I wanted to get a few so when I saw these I Was like OMG! He even included stands! 
 Lord Dread.
 Captain Power!
 This last one was fitting! The very first package I received had the batwing from the toybiz Batman line and so getting Joker was awesome. I have since opened him (pic of him and the batwing below) but that is due to the bubble coming off and I was happy it did, I prefer loose figures (I do have some carded though). One day I will have to track down the rest and the dc line as they are mostly Super Powers figures but cheaper lol.
  Again, Thank You very much Toy Box, I appreciate this and your thinking of me! Thats it for this package but more posts about toys to come!

Monday, May 25, 2020


 I am not sure if I ever posted this here before but last year I Found this plush of Krypto from his short lived cartoon at a thrift store! Now if I can find Ace and Streaky I'll have the 3 super pets that I think of when I think of them. I never read anything of Comet the super horse so he is not a priority to me.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Toy Box Christmas In May? - Part One

 A little while back, I got an e-mail saying a "tiny" package was on its way! It was anything but tiny lol. In it, there were comics, books, toys, food, well a little of everything. While I Won't be showcasing the food, there was some great food that I enjoyed and some I havent had yet but can't wait to eat! 

 This package was the third Christmas package from my very good friend Toy Box! His generosity never fails to surprise me! This edition will focus on the comics, while next Friday, I will focus on all the rest! I will say this, the Spider-Man comics were the stand-outs in the comics for me.
 First Up are various issues of The Watchmen. This is a critically acclaimed maxi-series and has spawn both a movie and a television series, not to mention the characters recently appeared in "The Doomsday Clock" event in DC Comics with the DC Universe characters!

 Next is Wild C.A.T.S. #1. This series spawned a Saturday morning cartoon series on CBS back in the 90s. One of very few Image Comics that did get media made. It even had a toy line by Playmates (based off the cartoon and comic!) I absolutely love them and glad to add them to my collection!

 Before going to the book and Spidey comics, I got the Kingdom Come GN! I loved this mini series as a kid and kept meaning to read it again, now I can!

  Now, as with the Watchmen, I will be just posting images of the Spidey comics with very little commentary, but again, these were my favorites from the comics and I really can't wait to reread some (that i read as a kid) and read some I never read before! Some will be put on display in my collection room very soon!

                                                          AMAZING SPIDER-MAN:

                                                                 MARVEL TEAM-UP:
It looks as if the Maxium Carnage's are signed!
I really love the hologram gimmick! Always did and I got two comics with it!


 Funny enough, I only had 2 Spidey titles in my current collection until now (Ironically enough as he's one of my fave heroes) and they were both WEB of Spider-Man comics so here they are with the two newest additions:

  The last item is definitely awesome! I have been wanting some toy collection books and have thought about getting a G.I.JOE one, well now I have one! I have spent hours since I got this, just looking at and reading it!

 That is it for this part, but be here next Friday for Part two, which includes the toys! Plus be here on Monday for another great post by me as the blog posts are every Monday and Friday! Thank you again Toy Box for this great package!

Thursday, May 14, 2020

New Posts are coming!

 As the title says, I am returning to this blog next week (not sure if it'll be Monday or Friday yet!) New posts will be posted every Monday and Friday. During the quarantine/ stay home orders I had a lot of time to think and realized that I missed this blog. I will continue to do posts on my instagram as well as I have noticed that mostly they are different people than who come here and those posts are easy to do.

  So I will see you all sometime next week with my first post in awhile which will be part one of a MAY Christmas package that my friend Toy Box sent me! See you all then!

 In case you are wondering future posts will include  review on the Megaconstrux Mew, Masters of the WWE Faker Cena, Rey Mysterio, and ring, and much more!

Thursday, March 26, 2020


 Due to the coronavirus and not wanting to make people think somethings happening and then taking it away, I have decided to not do an April Fool's Joke (which has become a tradition here) this year. I added the April Fools link so that if you'd like to, you can revisit past ones! Stay safe everyone during these kinda scary times!

Thursday, March 19, 2020

I am back to posting on my Instagram!

 Title says it all! After months of being silent due to real life, I have returned!

Alexis' Treasures on Instagram!

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Forgotten Posts: Power Rangers Beast Morphers

Surprise! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Forgotten Posts is just posts that I forgot to actually post. (this is the only one thus far) This post was done back in September (minus words).
 I have become a huge fan of Hasbro's Beast Morphers basic figures. At $10, I recommend them! I also have Evox even though he's not shown as I got him in October!

To show scale: Zeo Red and Vr Trooper from the 90s!
The old 90s Beetleborgs work great with these guys!

 I'm not gone yet, I've decided to stick around but only sporadically! I'm much more active on Instagram (though due to life, I took a break there too). Also I will be doing a post or two next month on  Big Tone's Toy Stories!