Thursday, January 10, 2019

Shelfie: Transformers Beast Wars!

 A new year is here and with it comes changes but it also brings the return of old features! Today I bring back: Shelfie and I am starting with not one but two shelves: "Beast Wars!" Most of these are thanks to my good friend Brother Midnight! The rest are from Goodwill, Thrift stores, and in some cases Wal-Mart and Amazon!
 The Maximals (including one from Japan)
The Predacons (including some from Robots In Disguise -2001, Japanese Beast Wars, AND Transformers: Prime!

Monday, January 7, 2019


"Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas..." Wait thats not right, didn't we just have Christmas? Normally I don't get ornaments but when I saw these I was like I want them, especially on clearance! All are Hallmark too!
 BB-8 is a flat ornament but for a dollar or so I Was like ok. Also he looks pretty cool. I think during the off season he'll chill in one of Star Wars areas.
 Kylo here will also chill in my Star Wars area during the off season. He was the first of the 3 that I got. HE just looks so great. Ironically I think this is my first representation of him in my collection.
 "Hehe Oh Boy!" Mickey cost me 90 cents at Dollar General. I Got him cause I thought he'd fit in with Disney figurines during the off season.
 As you can see here, he's a little tall for the figurines but he'll still fit in well.

Friday, January 4, 2019

Young Justice: Outsiders (Minor Spoilers)

  Young Justice finally returned earlier today on the DC streaming service DC Universe! After all these years was it worth the wait? That is not a simple answer sadly. The good thing is it begins just where it left off with Nightwing leaving the team and then fast forwards two years. Ms. Martian now is bald and white instead of pretending to be a green martian and leads the team, Aqualad is now Aquaman and leads the Justice League. Due to Luthor being in a place of power in the government, the legaue's hands are tied and many of the members (mostly ones tied to Batman) leave the team to work outside the lines they are stuck in. Plus Black Lightning also resigns but due to the guilt of killing (accidentally) a 14 year old meta on Raan. All of this happened in the first five minutes or so, so you can bet it was fast paced.
  Meanwhile we get other cameoes such as Troia (Donna Troy?) and Garth (original Aqualad not Beast Boy, his cameo is in episode 2).
  The main plot so far this season is that kids are being abducted that have the meta gene and are forced into experiments to activate that gene! So a group led by Dick go to shut down the traffickers once and for all! My theory is that this is just a part of the season as Apokolips DOES play a part in all of this, we even saw odd looking parademons in the premiere.
  So in many ways it is just as good as the previous two seasons except for one: its graphic. I feel like I am watching a DC animated direct to video movie and not a continuation of the series that originated on Cartoon Network Saturday mornings. I knew it'd be more mature but this? People died in the original series sure but wow! Dead kids being buried, blood, and more, it just feels wrong to me. Am I happy that its back and will keep watching it but am on the fence on if I like it. Its just a huge 180 in comparison to the other 2 seasons! It really should not have been season 3 but a spin-off in my opinion (yes continue it but its so different that it feels like a whole new series!
 This scene made me almost cry. Thats Brucely (pronounced Bruce Lee), Wally's dog. Wally died in season two's finale so seeing his dog cuddling a doll of him just made my heart sad.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Old tickets from Disney!

 Last month I showed off the GuideMap that my former case manager brought back from Disney world  for me, well I remembered that my Dad still had an old Disney ticket somewhere and asked for him to look for it. What he found shocked me!

 As you can see he found 4! 2 are Armed Forces ( the 4 day one and Donald). He also found a Transportation ticket for the Olympics from when we went to Olympic Park during the Olympics in 96 when they were in Atlanta! No we didn't see any of the games as the ones Dad wanted to see were sold (Gymnastics) and this was before I started watching them!

Monday, December 31, 2018

Polly Pocket

 One of the coolest returns in 2018 had to be Polly Pocket! This is a line that I wish I had as  kid so finally getting one now is great.
 Like the original's, the mini sets turn into lockets like the one I own.
 The inside is pretty cool too and opens to a whole playset. Nothing is removable however.
 Those white circles are how Polly sticks to the playset (which is also an issue).
 The only movable thing is the door.
 Which opens to show a sticker of dresses!
 The figure itself is pretty cool but has no articulation.
 The one issue is here legs which are a flimsy material with magnets. Thankfully when I removed her from the playset after taking pics, she didn't break but I have heard reports of the feet staying put and ripping right off!
 All in all I love this and hope Mattel (who makes Polly Pocket) returns to the boy version as well (Mighty Max!)

Tuesday, December 25, 2018


 Before I begin, I would love to wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope it is/was a great day!

This post is about what I got in my stocking, for those who do not know, every year (been doing this for about 4 years now as a tradition) I put candy/goodies and blind bag toys in my stocking.

 So this is what I got in my stocking this year:
  Boo here is from Squish Deelish a line from Jakks. Though this is an oddity! Why?
  Here is his back, notice something? He's not even an option! I guess this ghost is snakier than Nintendo made us believe!
   These are a staple in my stocking. Every year I put a My Little Pony blind bag and a couple Thomas ones and this year was no different! The pony is awesome (Fire Streak) and I love that Cammo train. Makes me think G.I.Joe!
  Next up is a cutie (Milo) from the new Calico Critters Baby Band Blind Bags! Comic Mickey is from the 90'th (can you believe he's 90?) Anniversary blind bags for Mickey's birthday!
  Last up are some Transformers! Grimlock, Kre-o Nosecone, and a pair of scissors and a rock. Wait a minute!
  These are Bot Bots, a new Transformers line that is a mix of Shopkins and the Transformers and I will look at them and 2 others I got before Christmas soon. This one is Slobber Rock!
  And this one is Snippy Snappy!
Before I go, I get toys for Kara for her Yoda stocking and this year's selection was this Penguin two-pack with catnip inside! As you can probably guess, she went nuts over them! That's it for now and again have a Merry Christmas and in case I do not return before New Year's (which I do plan at least one more post before then), have a Happy New Year!

Monday, December 24, 2018

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar 2018

  This is the front of the box, as always it looks fun.
 And here's the back!
 The doors inside.
 The "Play mat"
 Days 1-6 (out of order though)
Days 7-12 (out of order though) 
Days 13-18 (out of order though)
Days 19-24 (out of order though)
 My overall thoughts? Meh! Its nice to get the characters and ships as I have so few Star Wars Lego's but the nice thing about these calendars is the holiday theme. The past 2 years (that I have been collecting them) have been lacking. At least last year we got a snowblower, a sleigh, and a BB-8 with snow board and a Santa hat. This year? The only holiday stuff was a moisture farm thing done as a Christmas tree and the snowman that we got on Christmas eve (instead of the traditional Santa like character like C-3p0 as Santa or BB-8 with Santa Hat). As it stands, unless next year's looks better, I will be doing a new Advent Calendar next year. Don't get me wrong I love the stuff its just it was a little disappointing and i'm underwhelmed. The Gorilla Walker was from a polybag and the other walker in the middle was from last year's calendar. I love walkers so was excited to get the new one!

Some of my Christmas displays!

Today  is Christmas Eve and we are taking a look at some of my Christmas displays!
  Here is my sort of permanent display (it will be tweaked once I take the other displays down as stuff from those will be added.) Its right next to the permanent Halloween display!
  My Christmas Village!
  A few things and my Nano Metals display!
  My Christmas cards I've gotten through the years. Fun fact: That Charlie Brown card not only talks but is my oldest card of these as I had it in San Francisco and was given to me by Cassie! Last up are my trees:
 My tree in the living room. Notice that I have a train track with Thomas minis around the tree. I did that as I get Thomas minis for my stocking every year so most of those were opened on or around Christmas!
 The pink tree as always is in my room and has a coke Santa, cardinal, and a turkey nutcracker (doesn't work as only a figurine) around it!

 That is all for now but have a safe Christmas holiday! (More posts are coming)

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Christmas Stuff

 I have been holding off sharing these until now but here is my Christmas related stuff that I have gotten thus far!
 Goodwill had a lot of these and I almost didn't get it but thought it was cute and for a buck I was like why not?
 Interesting fact #1: Cardinals are Indiana's state bird (Which I did not know when I moved here).
 Interesting fact #2: Cardinals are one of my 2 favorite birds!
 So of course I got this voltive holder. It can only hold electric voltives due to it being flammable with the greens but I just so happen to have electric voltives that I use during Halloween!
 This Church ornament is made of the same material as most Christmas Village houses so thats where I put it.
 Speaking of Christmas villages I also got this.
 Since I actually have seen Red Foxes here I just had to get this guy.
 One of the very few things I did not get at the thrift store. I got this die-cut set at Wal-Mart.
 I also got this odd Santa at Wal-Mart.
 This book (sorry for the lighting, it was taken the day I had camera problems!) was found at Goodwill.
  I have been looking for an electric candle for years. I had one but could not find more, they just sell the battery ones now. I found this at a thrift store for like 50 cents (including bulb which by the way is my favorite color for these candles and also is hard to find these days!)
  I didn't plan to get any more village stuff but this was too cute to pass up!
 The final item is from Wal-Mart (odd how I got all my non thrift store holiday decos at Wal-Mart this year!  - ( After thing about it, I realized that this is actually incorrect as I got a fe things at Dollar General that I am not showing off here like a wind-up train set that I use the tracks for thomas, and a string of lights!) This is one of the holiday Hot Wheels. As I started watching "Station 19" I couldn't pass on this fire truck.

 That is it for now but more to come!