G.I.Joe Classified Retro Baroness


Before Halloween I started showing off my new (at the time) G.I.Joe Classified figures. At the time I did the movie figures photoshoots I did some others and on my computer they had been sitting. Today we finally clear out one of the folders. Back when the line first began Baroness was released but as a Target exclusive (groan) and had a vehicle. I never saw the set. However eventually she would return as a single release in the Wal-Mart exclusive (groan) Retro carded line. That's the version we see here today.  One thing I love about the retro line (other than the cards) is that not only are they in colors closer to their retro figures (and in some cases different bodies or new heads) but they even come with stands! 

 I should make a note here that the Retro line is no longer exclusive as of this year!
 Baroness (at least mine) is not as poseable as my other classified pictures but she's still one of my faves.
 I just love the sculpt and that head.
 My biggest gripe (and I know it had to be done but is annoying) is that her head has holes in it for her glasses to go in.
 If it wasn't for that, I'd leave her without them because I actually think she looks better without them!
 Like my other figures, at the time of shooting her weapons were thrown in with others so I have no clue what she had now lol.
 That's it for now but more to come soon!



  1. Great figure. Glad the retro ones were made, but yeah, what's the deal with their cards? Horrible. Not even worth saving even as an opener.

    1. Supposedly the cards will not be as flimsy in future waves. I kept mine anyway. I do wish there were actual file cards though.


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