April Fool's Joke 2024: Marvel Legends Leaving Retail!

   NOTE: This was my April Fool's Joke for 2024!

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 Big news from Wondercon this year! Hasbro is discontinuing Marvel Legends at retail later this year. It will become solely Hasbro Pulse and Fan Channel (online retailers) exclusive! It's due to the fact that its not selling as well in retail due to recent price increases. I agree with them, just look at the clearanceing and Ollies stock!

 Don't worry though, this is not the end of Marvel in retail! The current 4 inch Epic line will continue and in addition, they will be launching a new 5 inch line. This retro line will be made to look just like the old Toy Biz figures! Called Marvel Universe,  the initial offerings will span the entire Marvel Universe! Also like the original toy Biz line, they will no longer focus on themes. 

 They showed off the first 10 figures that are believed to comprise the first 2 waves:

 At first glance the choices are bizarre but they are very Toy Biz like choices. Also by doing variants first, they can release regular versions later!

 Also as is the practice of Hasbro they did pipeline (name only) reveals. :

Venom 2099 (Target exc)

Vulture 2099 (Target Exclusive)

Doom 2099 (Target Exclusive)

Thanatos (Target Exclusive)

Ravage - mutate (Target Exclusive)

 As can be ascertained by the above, Target will get a 2099 subline, Why Spidey is not in it but mainline is unknown! The mainline reveals were as follows:


Multiple Man



Man - Thing!

Oh and by the way: 


All pics are from Google searches and are of the old Toy Biz 10 inch toyline!


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    1. lol, unlike most years I decided to do research lol. It didn't hurt that I lucked out with Wondercon being that weekend! I will say this, oh how I wish Hasbro really did return to 5 in!

    2. I just need Marvel Universe to make a comeback. Until then Epic Heroes will fill the void.

  2. It would not surprise me if it wasn't an April Fool's prank.


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