Another Nickelodeon Blind Bag

 Last week I showed you my first Nick blind bag figure:
Obviously I had to get another one and this time I was concerned. I was so terrified that I would get yet another log! 
Lile the other one, this came in an orange  TV.
It came with a sticker and unlike the last time this one matches.
This sticker is of Powdered Toast Man!
So who did I get? as I already hinted:
I got good ol' Powdered Toast Man!
Thankfully the last one I got (which was in June when I went to TRU for the last time) I got Ren!
So I felt like I could stop lol. Well that's it for today but even more to come. Oh do not expect a post on Friday the 20'th! Instead expect one on Saturday the 21'st which is my birthday! so see you in a few days!