Jurassic World: Dilophosaurus figure

  Friday is when the new Jurassic World movie (Fallen Kingdom) opens here in the states (It has been open for weeks in other countries.) To celebrate I thought that I would take a quick look at the Dilophosaurus from the new Mattel Jurassic World toy line!
 I have been fascinated by the "Jurassic Park" version of this dinosaur ever since her very first appearance in Jurassic Park when she attacked and offscreen ate Seinfield's Newman (Nedry).  This version is pretty close and is pretty cool. She, like most of the dinos in the line, is in scale with the human figures. Mattel is doing a good job with this and as far as I know no JP line has ever done so. The frill folds up and opens open so that you can display her either way (but I prefer it opened) and she even came with an accessory in the form of her fictional venom spray. All in all Dilophosaurus is by far my favorite of the dinosaurs that I have thus far.  Below you can see images and see her next to others in the line to show scale. Alan Grant is 3.75 inches.


  1. this is one I want but those hinges on the sides of the head are not very pleasing to the eyes

    1. Well for a $7 toy its not bad and the hinges aren't bad IF you have them open and not closed.


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