New Arrivals: The Conclusion!

  This is the last New Arrivals. I decided that focusing on individual purchases like most blogs is a better way to go, the toys I get deserve to be focused on much more. They will be reviewed, more pics and my usual commentary, hope you guys enjoy the new take that will be starting next week hopefully!

  I got all of these items months ago (that is why some do not have my usual Star Wars background I try to use!).
 Well I think it is obvious why I got this :) Not only does it have my name BUT it is frogs! So Awesome. It is what looks to be hand painted and wood.
 This is Hefty Smurf from the recent CGI cartoon movie's  blind bags, He came with the bunny. Too bad it isn't G-I-D. I mean even the McD's version glows in the dark ah well.
 This is Mew. He is my all time favorite Pokemon. I have been wanting a Mew for ages. Also I loved Mew so much that I named my first cat (a Calico) Mew.
 These are Elena and Naomi from Elena of Avalor, which is a spin-off of Sofia the first.
 This is from McDonalds back when Power Rangers the movie was released in the 90s. I now have 3 of the 6 zords and 2 of the 6 rangers in this line!

 That is it for now but I hope to be back next week!


  1. That tray was totally put there for you specifically! It was a little gift from the universe :)

    1. My thoughts exactly, I mean come on thats TOO much of a coincidence! Especially since I only go once a month if that these days!


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