Well its a new month and I am going to try to stay up to date on these (expect more New Arrivals posts this month so that I can show stuff from nov-Feb that I still have NOT shown off!)
  First up are the things that I Got at Toys R US. All 3 were things I would have gotten regardless as they still are at 10% off after more than a week (after saying it would go up every Thursday!)
 This roaring dinosaur is from the all new Jurassic World line from Mattel. I was shocked to find it and later discovered that they aren't even supposed to be out until mid or late April. Due to going out of business TRU is putting out the JW and Star Wars figures now (mine dos not have the SW yet). Sadly all they had were the 4 dinos in this series and a gyrosphere with Owen. I would have gotten this guy anyway so it was a huge plus to get it 10% off!
 I needed a boat for my all new Castle Destro display (which I will be showing off as soon as it is finished, hopefully in a few weeks. This was the cheapest one they had and it works pretty well. The figure now works for Cobra!
 I really wanted a Geoffrey thing to remember TRU by and they are so expensive online so when I saw this I grabbed him. I got a huge shock looking at the receipt, it said on the sign 10% but I got it 30% off!
 I found this plush of the famous daredevil dodo (I refuse to call him an alien as he was based off of a dodo) at Goodwill. It was nice to add a Gonzo plush to my Muppets collection and he's actually only the second Gonzo I think I have!
 Another Dino-Riders dinosaur! After months of nothing great I found this guy! I was so excited. I had to remove the sticker slightly to confirm he was from Tyco in the 80s buy yep. Now I have 5 dinosaurs from that line and still yet to find any of the figures lol.
  I also found this mini display piece at Goodwill and thought it was cute.
 The last thing I am showing pictures of is this Shopkins figure. They have expanded the Shoppies line with pets! I really love them and will probably be getting more.

 I also got my first 2 Star Wars Black SA 3 3/4 figures at Wal-Mart but am holding off on displaying them (and a Micro Machines set I got at TRU) until my Star Wars Week next week! I will say that the 3 3/4 SW black figures are $4 at Wal-Mart right now, the basic 5 POA SW figures are $5, the 2-pack 5 POA are $11, and the 6 in SW black figures are $5!