Power Morpher (2017 Version)

 Recently (February) I finally got the 2017 Power Rangers Power Morpher. I had waited as I felt it was way to much money at 20 or 30 bucks and was waiting for it to hit 10 or 15. I got it for, I believe, a whopping 2 dollars and 50 cents lol. I need to change its batteries as they were dead by the time I got it but who cares for less than 3 bucks. It came with the 5 power coins as well. 
  I enjoyed the movie BUT it was not my Power Rangers but still an enjoyable take in my opinion. Loved the cameos of Amy Jo Johnson (Kimberly) and Jason David Frank (Tommy) as random civilians.
  The power coins are awesome! If you put them to the light,
  you can see the creature.
  It is a pretty great effect.
 When the morpher works, it shines a light to show them.
  All - in - all pretty cool.
  Here is the new MMPR movie morpher next to the original (not the legacy version but the original 90s release) morpher!
  One of the main reasons I wanted this new morpher was to put a coin in my old one. It doesn't fit but after some handy tak I made it look ok.
 That's a look at the rangers morphers.