31 Days of Halloween: Imagnext Power Rangers King Sphinx!

  Yesterday I teased this article in random images.
 Today I ill look at King Sphinx and next week I will take a look at Scorpina!
 First things first, the discovery of this figure was a huge shock for me! It is rare n this day and age to look on a toy shelf and find something new that you haven't known about for months. In fact only World of Nintendo and Imaginext ever really do that (though there is the occasional surprise like the budget line Cyborg, Flash, and Parademon for Justice League!)

 Like many toys out there, King Sphinx came in a plastic bubble package and like all of the Power Rangers figure packs from Imaginext, he was in a 2-pack!
  When you turn it over you see all the other stuff available (well most of it fr example there is a Rita playset that is a remold of an old playset from another Imaginext line!)
   Before we take a look at Sphinx, take a look at that staff!
 Although accurate to the show (minus it being all yellow) it reminds me of  this:
 The Riddler's Cane/ Staff! Maybe it was included with the Riddler Imaginext figure (or a future one)? If I ever get one I might give him it actually!
 If you know Imaginext, then you know what to expect from this figure regarding articulation. HE has just 5 points (most Imaginext has 6)! His arms move and the wrists swivel and both legs go up and down at the same time (hence why I count it as one articulation.)
  Technically; his head is articulated as well BUT due t the headdress and shoulder pads you can't move it really at all so I didn't count it but you can tell if it wasn't for those it would move as it budges but not by much and definitely not any noticeable length!
  Sphinx's wings do not move they are molded and static but the sculpt is so perfect.
  For an Imaginext figure, King Sphinx is a pretty good figure in my book and recommend it to any Imaginext fan, Power Rangers fan, or kid.
  (I know he never fought the Tigerzord - as far as I remember, but it is the only Imaginext zord I own!)

 This is a great addition to the line due to the fact that as far as I can remember King Sphinx only got 2 figures in the vintage line (and none since) and those were a pvc and a 8 inch figure!
"Hey Goldar, I'm bringing the band back together! Interested?"
  That's it for today but be here tomorrow for it is FRIDAY THE 13'TH!