31 Days of Halloween: Ads!

 Welcome to the final part of our looking at ads from comics that kinda have a Halloween feel! This time we look at movies and video games!
  By far the best Halloween/ Christmas movie of all time! Sorry Gremlins! Its funny because Gremlins did it to but when Nightmare came out I was so fascinated by the idea of a movie that could be considered both a Halloween and a Christmas movie! Now after all of these years it is one of my most beloved film favorites. Funny thing I have lots of Nightmare merchandise (Funko Pop, Funko Reaction) but don't own the movie but Gremlins I only own one item (a Gizmo Funko Pop) but have both movies lol!
 I could do a whole article about Nightmare and you know what? I Think I will in December so thats all I will say for today!
 T-shirts! One thing that was huge in pre 2000's comics were ads for companies selling various comics (I'll show those one day) and t-shirt ads. I used to enjoy seeing the various shirts available but never bought any lol.
 Another item I have no clue about but decided to add for various reasons. This one is because its a Clive Barker (Hellraiser) movie!
 Castlevania is a pretty big franchise to this day. It has been on most of the game platforms (I say most cause Atari and Intellivision were long gone b4 it came), had lots of merchandise including action figures and is not only still around to this day but has a cartoon on Netflix! Oh did I mention that the main character from the very first game is even a regular on one of my all time favorite video game cartoons, Captain N?
 Of course I was going to add this classic, its a frog! I can't remember if I ever played this game but I know it is a classic and might play it one day. Believe it or not i prefer the old video games much more than todays.
 Not much to say here as I never played this game but this came out while the Simpsons were in their prime. Yes they are still popular but its just not the same. After 2 decades the show is rarely funny and jokes are recycled.
 We will end this Halloween(ish) series with Battletoads.  This blatant Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles rip-off really tried to be just as popular, they even reference them in the ad below! Sadly the only toys they got that I know of are some bendies (which I actually want) and their cartoon never went past its pilot!
 The game itself was known for being difficult and did spin-off some sequels:

  • Battletoads (Game Boy)
  • Battlemaniacs
  • Battletoads Arcade

 It even had a crossover with Double Dragon that I never knew existed until I did research on this game!
 If you would like to watch the cartoon pilot here you go (beware its pretty cheesy):
 Well that does it for tonight but even more spooktacular fun to come! Oh and I decided to extend 31 days of Halloween a few (or so) more days!