31 Days if Halloween: Homer as Homer Kong!

 Today we travel to the third Treehouse of Horror's Homer Kong!
He is from the same series that Ned Flanders is from. These were released in 2002 and were released by Burger King.
  There were 10 released in this series that year!
 All in all Homer Kong is a pretty decent kids meal figure.
He has very little paint aps but it works.
The original short was in black and white to mimic the original King Kong so the colors do work well!
 Like Flanders (and pretty much all - if not all- of the BK Simpsons figures) Homer Kong has no articulation whatsoever. It looks as if he has waist swivel but he does not!
I really love the chains! They look pretty cool and are a nice touch.
Also a nice touch is the red and blue in his right hand which is meant to represent Marge. This is very cool since he took her and went up the Empire State Building in the short!
My only real gripe, and I am not sure if it is just my figure or not is that the figure cannot connect to both pegs like he's supposed to!
I tried to get it to work multiple times but it just won't work!
Unlike Flanders, Homer Kong's holes in his feet and pegs in the stand don't line up so it looks off :(
 All in all an ok figure but definitely the weakest of the 4 that I have! I hope to find more one day though. What is hard to believe is that it has really been 15 years since these were released in 2002! I even remember going to Burger King on Powell Street in San Francisco (where the cable cars turn around) during this promotion! This is odd as I have a bad memory but remember that vividly (I think I got the alien that day - or Marge). Thanks to Goodwill I now have 4 of the 10 (I got all 4 at Goodwill!)
Oh before I go, the bases have these images and when you pull the tab, it shows the punchline.
In this case it's Homer Kong eating a restaurant's deco!
 That is it for this post, but even more spooktacular fun is to come!


  1. I only have a few of these left from back then and a couple of the watches BK also had back then. I snapped a picture of the window cling to show you : https://i.imgur.com/FO3er6B.jpg

    1. That window cling is awesome! Great piece of history you got there Brother! I wish I still had my originals from then but happy that I got a lot I had from then back :) Now if I could replace the 90s bk dolls and figurines lol.

  2. Funny, I was just thinking about that episode of The Simpsons tonight and about King Kong.

    1. Funny how that happens huh? LOL! I can't tell you how many times stuff like that happens to me!

  3. I love those BK Simpsons figures!


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