I wanted to post this months ago but never got around to it sadly. So, I was debating on getting this playset mostly due to the outpost but after seeing Toy Break's review, I decided to buy it.
First off, look at that head sculpt! That is pretty close to Sam Jackson.
This creature is why I was on the fence as it looks stupid to me
but after seeing that his jaw was hinged I was like wow. Also he looks pretty cool in person and now is in my Dinosaur display!
This outpost (like Sam Jackson minus head) is a reuse. They added new stickers (the top of that kong pic on the bulletin board is partly off the plastic and still sticky like a sticker!
However, I never had this outpost and it looks great.
It is now my GIJOE outpost.
This picture shows the sticker better as its folded a bit
The outpost even came with cammo! It is now worn by a misc soldier from CORPS!
All in all, a great little set. What makes this even cooler is it is from Lanard (CORPS!). It is also to the best of my knowledge, their first licensed toyline and at least here in the states, Lanard toys are Wal-Mart exclusives (at least the CORPS!) and this is no different. It is also pretty cheap as you get all of this for just 10 bucks! I highly recommend this for GIJOE collectors if not just for the outpost and cammo!

What I got from Brother Midnight in our latest trade goes live this Monday at midnight EST!

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  1. I'm also on the fence about that dino hybrid thingamajigger. I know It's asking for alot out of a discount playset ,but some leg articulation could have gone a long way.Also,Lanard proves with this Sam Jackson figure that they can play with the big boys,so maybe we'll see some more licensed figures out of them In the future. And thanks for the shout out ;)

    1. I would have been happier with leg articulation rather than jaw articulation or at least tail articulation honestly. Plus yeah they did prove they could not only play with the big boys, but do it cheaply and still look good. The big boys should be paying attention.

      No problem, your review made my decision so only felt right to not only do a shout out but a link.


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