Time for yet another toy haul post!
OK minion lets open up the vault to see what I got....


 Thanks to a friend (who ended up buying the raccoon for me), we were able to find me 3 of the 4 cousins! I found Brave Heart Lion,
 She found Bright Heart Raccoon,
 and we found Lots a Heart Elephant, now I just need to find True Heart Penguin!
 Surprise Surprise. Lol! I have only bought 2 of the series 2 Yowies and yep found another Yowie, at least its different from the other one I found and thankfully is different than my other Boof from series 1 (that I found 2 of last time lol)
 I am so disappointed in MegaBloks/MegaConstrux. They have done so much better on figures and then put this crap out. Anyway I am happy that I found Tommy the Green Ranger and
 Kimberly the Pink Ranger. Once I find Tommy the White Ranger and buy the command center, i'm goinfg to retire from these as I feel they are bad.
 Fangry here starts the non blind bag things that I got! HE is a titan master which means that he is a head with a vehicle or beast mode and only costs $5!
 Wheelie shocked me greatly! He is from series 1 and I had lost hope on ever finding him.
Last up is Out Post 3 from King Kong! I was on the fence but after seeing Tony's review, I had to own it. In fact I will be reviewing it soon as well!

Ironically I had a better haul in this area than Goodwill this month! I'll be posting my Goodwill toy haul tomorrow night! Thats it for now.


  1. great stuff! I keep looking at those new headmasters but here they are like not $5 lol

    1. Odd, the titan master packs should be $5, with the non headmaster sets being $10, then the robots with headmaster sets being almost $20, and so on. Interseting note, I recently did a priority list of new toys and lol 12 out of 16 were Tansformers! lol

      That is new only in vintage I have alot of others lol.


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