It is time for Cool and Collected's Pop Culture League Challenge! This week's Challenge is:

“Space marines.”

Pop culture’s peacekeepers of the future.
This was pretty easy. Originally I had a Steel Brigade Trooper from G.I. JOE and Batman Beyond on the team, but they didn't make the final cut, so lets call them reserve members!

So when Aliens, Predators, Terminators, and those pesky aliens from The Simpsons decide to wreak havoc in the galaxy, Who do you call?
 No, not those guys!
 Settled in the Amazon in the year 3008 and watched over by William and the serpent hydra Heidi is the base of the Space Marines!
 They chose this ancient building as it conceals a portal to other planets.
 Their Leader is Arcee, a former Autobot, she disagreed with Optimus that it was pointless to believe in humankind. After the Decepticons were destroyed, the Autobots left and Arcee stayed!
 Iron Man! No one knows who is in the suit as Tony Stark has been long dead. This version of Iron Man though might be more machine than man and it is possible that he might be Ultron!
 Plucked from 2008, Michelangelo, is one of 3 team members that is new to the future! His teammates are trying very hard to keep him from seeing about his future as that might change history as he has yet to meet April or fight Kraang in 2016!
 Puma is from 2018 and betrayed her team when she realized that she was really a hero. Arcee plucked her from the timeline to give her that chance as the heroes of today would never trust her!
Probably the most confused is the Rocketeer as he is really primitive in terms of the others but with a few upgrades, even he is a great asset to the team. These are the Space Marines! Pop Culture's peacekeepers of the distant future!

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More to come soon....????

Also all month long I am reviewing the daily items from the Lego City Advent Calendar! You can check them all out HERE!


  1. Cool platoon. I saw that playset on clearance at TRU (damaged) and should have grabbed it.

    1. I kept wanting to get it but never pulled the trigger but then one day I found the figure at Goodwill and had no clue who he was but bought him as I buy 3 3/4 figures for my displays (from Goodwill) and then saw the snake and then the playset. The snake works and the playset has GID pieces!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks. I wanted to do a mix of toylines in this futuristic team!

  3. Nice picks! My kid wants that set for Christmas :)

    1. I highly recommend it and I only have 3 pieces from it. It is pretty awesome!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks, I looked through my room for figures to use and just chose them randomly as I wanted a variety in the team and also not the same old heroes and toylines (the reason I went with a Corps figure and not a G.I.JOE!)


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