The above image is of my green Christmas tree in the collection room, this post is however about my pink one in my bed room. I have added more ornaments since I took these photos but thought I woud share them anyway. I would show the new ornaments but I am still under the weather. Also witch Christmas just ten days away, I am trying to catch up with what I wanted to do this month (because of that I will probably post the lego advent calendar contents in a mega post on Christmas eve and try to do a post at midnight and noon as often as possible to review and showcase what I wanted to. Also some things might be posted on my other blog (Alexis' blog link in my blog list) so you might want to  keep an eye on that to.
First of all, here is my tree!
 This Truffles the pig from Farmville!
 A chicken from Farmville,
 Ace from Farmville
 and a Farmville cow, I also have a horse on the tree as well. These were my first blind bags btw as they were sold blindboxed and I was so huge into farmville at the time that I hunted for them!
 A Little Mermaid bubble bath!
 Optimus Prime
 A dog
 better pic
 my star
 Santa plush next to the tree
 A solar Santa near tree
 Santa necklace pon wall behind tree
and my Nativity scene!

Hope you enjoyed this quick look at my Christmas tree!


  1. Looks good Alexis.Love the Peanuts nativity scene.

  2. Thank You :) Yeah I love my Peanuts nativity scene to. Now that I have a Peanuts shelf in my collection room, I plan to put it there during the non holiday months.


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