Like many others, I was saddened by the news that Carrie Fisher had passed on the 27'th at 60. This was a lost to us all. I remember being amazed by how strong she was when I first saw it. She not only could handle her own, but taught the boys something at times. We will all miss her, I hope you and your mom are together in the force. That's right on the 28'th, her mother died as well. Many believe that it was a stroke caused from a broken heart! I looked up her mother Debbie Reynolds and although I knew that I had seen her before, I never realized how much until now. She was in one of my all time favorite Halloween movie series, Halloweentown! You to will be missed Debbie.


  1. this is a good post-I would like to add it to the links in mine if that is OK?

  2. She was important to a lot of us. I was as affected by her as I was by Terry Pratchett last year.

  3. David Bowie,Whitney Houston,Gene Wilder,Gary Shandling,Prince,George Michael,Alan Thicke,Ron Glass,Robin Williams,Carrie Fisher,Debbie Reynolds.......Insanely sad :(


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