Well it is that time once again, time to answer the POP CULTURE LEAGUE CHALLENGE from Cool and Collected! This week's challenge is not surprising due to this Thursday being Thanksgiving:

"Gee, Thanks!

It’s the season to be thankful."
I actually had planned to do this post around Thanksgiving but I will do it here today.
So I will be handling this by answering what am I thankful for?

  • I am thankful for Goodwill. Without the I could not afford all of the cool stuff from yesteryear that I own.
  • I am thankful for my Health. Although it is not as good as it used to be (fatty liver, High Blood Pressure, mental health) I am still very healthy and am thankful. Especially when I hear about other people. Heck, I thought i had Cancer earlier this year (it was actually my fatty liver).
  • I am thankful for Netflix. Oh how I love you. Because of you I am abe to once again enjoy the stories of the Tanners (Fuller House), see more adventures with Voltron (Legendary Defender), enjoy Danger Mouse (original and new series), and I get to return to Stars Hollow on Friday! (Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life)
  • I am thankful for Toys. I love toys and collecting them. It is a fun hobby and I especially love that when I walk into my Collection Room, I see things that I had as a kid. (Thank You Brother Midnight, Cassie, Linda, and Goodwill!)
  • I am thankful for frogs. I love the frogs. 
  • I am thankful for my family. 
  • I am thankful for Cassie. Cassie has been there for me more than I can believe. She has been there for my greatest moments and the worst. She has helped me through homelessness and despair. Cassie thank you.
  • I am thankful for my pet cat. Kara (Formally Brooklyn) is the thing that brings me joy. When Cassie or my Dad are unavailable it is she who stops me from doing stupid things when I am dangerously depressed.
And of coursee, I am thankful to all of you. The League has given me great new friends and the viewers of my blog have made me feel that I am doing something worthwhile here. Trust me I would not be doing this if I did not think you liked my work and I doubt I would have written almost 100 posts if t weren't for the League!


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Lastly, this week the schedule is a little different. Monday's usually have the Pop Culture League and another post. This week it Barbie, and Tuesday was this one because Wednesday which usually has a post will not, Thursday will be the long promised Collection Walk-through, and Friday will be a preview of something that I have planned for December (There was a hint in my "Oops" and "Blue" posts). Monday we will be back on schedule!


  1. We have been through ups and downs. We have yelled, cussed, cried, hugged, and made-up more times than I care to say, but we are there for each other. That is the most important thing. I am thankful for you being my friend as well. We will always help each other through dark times. Oh and I am thankful for Netflix as well ;-)

    1. I feel the same way. I will say that every time I think of our friendship that dang song "Thank You For Being A Friend" from "Golden Girls" comes up in my head lol

  2. Sam and I tend to hit ARC more than goodwill, but I am right there with you on that

    1. No clue what ARC is but Goodwill is perfect for me due to limited budget.

  3. We're all just a mouse click away for you (and each other).


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