This is the last of the Halloween edition of this article unfortunately, but am thinking of doing a top ten list next week including some I do not own.
 First up is the one I could not identify where he is from. He looks like a beefed up version of those aliens from the Invasion storyline. On a side note, those aliens are going to be in the 4 part crossover this year on the Cw's DC Shows!
 "Me Grundy!" Solomon here came from McDonalds last year I believe and was in a Batman Unlimited wave.
 Grimace here is from McDonalds (he is riding Baby Gonzo's Tricycle as I do not have Grimace's car).
 This is a gargoyle from Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame and was at McDonalds.
 One of the NeoPets fast food premium plushes. I believe they were at McDonalds, but could have been Burger King. This is a Chomby!
 This is a Yurble! I actually had a Yurble back when I played Neopets. I think he might have even been green at one time! The other two I remember were my Nimmo and my Grundo!
 "Togepi" This cutey was once one of Misty's pokemon. I think its from BK but could be McD's as they seem to release the Pokemon now.
 Lugia is from McDonalds I believe and his wings flap. I remember watching the movie when it came in theatres. Man I'm old. lol.
 This is a monster from Jim Henson's Monster line from McDonalds and am glad I did research because he was missing his top jaw. I kept seeing the bottom part at Goodwill but refused to buy him. Then one day I saw the top part and searched frantically and sure enough the bottom part was still there. I put it together and bought him.
If you follow Cassie's blog, you know that I gave here a Mr. Men figure. That was Mr. Bump here, (I Found an extra).  So why is he in this post? Because with his bandages or whatever, he looks kinda like a mummy!

Oh and as of the writing of this article, the current promotion at McD's is:
 and the next one is:

Well thats it for now.

Sneak peek of what is to come! Upcoming posts include more random images, book reviews, and more. So why mention it now? I am excited, because I'll be reviewing some classic Halloween specials as well, and I do mean classic! Here is a quick taste of a few.


  1. Can't wait for the books and special reviews!!!

    1. Yep! They are coming! I believe Little Critter review is tonight at midnight! The specials should start popping up on the blog next week!

  2. I still from time to time check in on my neopets accounts! I at one time had the most avatars of anybody in the game.

    1. Wow on the avatars. I would check on my buddies but I have long forgotten my username and password. lol


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