As promised here is a look at my Ghostbusters display. Full disclosure, this display has been ripped down and put in the collection room in a much smaller form. This was up for the new movie (I did the same thing for Star Wars last year).

Let's take a look at how the display looked in it's entirety.
Unfortunately I didn't think to take closer images of the stuff on the wall, but all of it but the stuff I did focus in on are just printed on a computer.
ECTO-FRIGGIN COOLER! I remember this as a kid and was so excited that it was coming back ECTO-COOLER! Also in the picture are "paper crafts of old ecto-cooler packages that I found online and printed!
 Sadly I have a hard time finding it and was only able to grab 3 10-packs which all but this one are now long gone. Surprisingly I have been able to hold onto this one unopened box.
Here is a close-up of the 10-pack's packaging.
Here is the Ecto-1 vinyl figure from Titans.
Here is a $5 Ecto-1. This is the only time thus far that I shelled out that kind of money for a Hot Wheel. Sure I've bought 5-packs, but that is different as your getting them basically $1 per car.
Here you see paper craft versions of the boxes from the RGB toyline's Ecto-1 and firehouse.
Here is a group shot of my Ecto-Minis!
Here you see Slimer, Rowan in trap, Rat Ghthe splitting ghost!ost in back, Rowan as human, the subway ghost from the trap playset, the ghost from the beginning of the film, and
Kevin (Thor) and a printed cardback from the RGB line.
The all new Ghostbusters!
The original Ghostbusters/ Slimer.
A Terror Dog.
The gems from the Ecto-Minis line. Many don't realize it but they are officially a part of it. You press a button and they light up. They have minimal articulation but are so awesome! I still am missing the "burnt" Staypuft Wal-Mart exclusive grrr.
An Ecto-1 bookmark from cereal.
Picture from our family collection of the firehouse at Universal Studio's Ghostbusters attraction. Sorry this is the only one I have,
The Ghost Trap playset. It opens to reveal the subway that Patty worked at.
For fun I added the Ecto-1.
Mrs. Slimer with Slime Wal-Mart Exclusive set. No I did not pay $10, I waited until I found it for $5. You can also see the ghost trap closed. I should point out as a kid I was not allowed to have slime because it could ruin things (which I could understand but it was only namebrand slime hmmmm, I had the vending machine slime.) So I now have this addiction to slime lol. I also always wanted a ghost trap, this might be the new version but I finally have one. I was so tempted to buy the proton pack to hang on the wall lol.
Here is the bookmark again. Its ironic. There are 4 in the boxes and 3 I wanted guess which I got. My luck lol. I had great luck on the TMNT blind bag series one megabloks and many others but for 3 things not so much but overall pretty good luck.
Here is my only vintage figure in the subway.
Now he is caught!
Overall I am very happy that the new movie came if not for anything else, the merchandise. Well I plan to do one more collection tour:Monster High, which is being put in that same area and more for Halloween as I work on this so stay tuned everyone! The celebration has begun!


  1. Very cool! I have very little of the new Ghostbusters stuff ,Im really looking forward to when it starts showing up at thrift stores and yard sales.

    1. LOL! I love all of them. I will admit that I cheated and used the codes on the blind bags but I wanted the GB's! lol. I was pretty amazed by the assortment that they released. Plus Ecto-cooler yay.


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