Awhile back ago I found this 5 pack of cars from Hotwheels at Wal-Mart. It cost $4.99, which comes out to about a buck a car so I picked it up.
 As you can see, the set includes a batcoptor, a batmobile, a cop car, and 2 villain cars. I especially like the image of the BATMAN which reminds me so much of his style in the 90s! Sadly I do not know my cars so instead of saying their "official" names for three of them I will simply call them what they represent. (For those who want to know the official names: Batcoptor, Batmobile, Ford Fusion, Midnight Otto, and So Fine!)
 Here we have the Joker Mobile (I believe this is the "So Fine" car if the back is in order. It has the perfect look and I definitely could see the Joker riding away from a heist in this car.
 It not only has his name on it, but a classic image of his head and his colors. This is the perfect car for the Joker.
 Here we have the weakest of the cars in my opinion. This is a batmobile. In fact, Its my fourth one now. Out of the 4, definitely my least favorite (I also have the Brave and the Bold cartoon version, the Batman v. Superman version, and my favorite of the 4: the Adam West series version.)
 The neat thing about this one is that it has two window areas to highlight room for two occupants. I recognize this version from somewhere BUT to me its just not the batmobile.
The next car is the Ford Fusion (if the order is correct on the back in correlation to the front). This one I am pretty sure is correct. I might not know cars all that well, but I do know that police cars are made by Ford. This looks just like any police car. It is cool to hae one in my collection.
 Now I just wish I had bought the Mighty Minis Superman/ Metropolis police hotwheels two-Pack when I had the chance! This particular car was packaged with the Mighty Minis Armored Batman figure as well.
 I hear Burgess Meredith's quacking when I see this one :) Probably due to "Midnight Otto" 's old look. It definitely has a Penguin feel to it.
 I don't see Danny Devito driving it, but I definitely could see Burgess Meredith behind the driver seat.
 Lastly we have the batcoptor. Although I prefer the Batwing (Which I have no version of) and "The Bat" (which I DO have a hotwheel of), this is pretty cool.
 The blade even moves. Reminds me of the old 60s series to be honest.
So that's a look at the Batman Hotwheels pack. I bought this back in January or February, but if you like Hotwheels and/ or  Batman, I highly recommend them. More articles coming soon.


  1. I've had a few Batmobiles come in and out of my toy collection over the years.You got this for a great price.

    1. I agree, I got it mostly for the cop car and joker mobile and never regretted it, the set looks great with my other bat vehicles and ww car.

  2. Replies
    1. If it wasn't for the cop car and Jokermobile I would have to probably.


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