Another 1982 Christmas Ad!

  I have another Christmas toy Ad from 1982! 

As its a smaller ad, I'll showcase all but the one item I forgot to close in on.
 I have said in the past that I never was able to have many "girl" toys! Well, I barely even knew of Strawberry Shortcake until my adult years! 

  Believe it or not, but I have only recently heard about the Micro collection. Of course I knew of the Micro Machines minis (and had some) but it seems that Kenner's version was long gone by the time that I was old enough for minis.

 I never had any Playmobil's as a kid, in fact only in the last decade have I even collected them. They just looked weird to me and I had no history with them. Judging by this ad, the price is why I never had any! That xylophone (or one that was similar) I did have however!

 That's all for today.


  1. I remember liking the scents of the Strawberry Shortcake character toys.

    1. yeah that gimmick is why I wish I had been able to have them lol.


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