Classified Movie Storm Shadow (Hasbro)

  Thought that I would quickly finish off the movie figures I got in the last few months before my annual Halloween countdown begins! As such, this will be the final post until Sunday!

I absolutely love this figure. Sure the costume is not the one we grew up with but its growing on me, that and for 5 bucks at Ollies, it was well worth it. I think they did the wrong price on this case as the others from that wave that weren't in that case were $12.99 so I lucked out! 
I love that you can position him to grab his sword.
I won't be using his unmasked head that he came with yet as someday I might use it for a new character!
The masked head from Zartan works but the color is off.
 That's it for now, see you all on Sunday for the countdown!


  1. These movie figures were pretty good even though the movie wasn't. I really like the unmasked heads.

    1. While i'm not using storm shadows head, I do love it and have been very tempted to grab ol snake eyes just to have as an unmasked impostor :)


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