Birthday Post!

  I usually post this on my Comic Strip blog but since I haven't posted here in awhile, I thought that I would do it here this year. Every year I post the comic strips that ran on my birthday (7-21-1978) because some comics were delayed by the mail, its sometimes hard to know which are actually meant for that day (not all have dates or some are unable to be read.) Most of these strips I have posted before but many are new and some are even better copies!  

 One last thing, I delayed my bday haul post cause I havent got my gift card from my dad yet. USPS sent my gc from Georgia to California, I live in Indiana. So I been waiting a week now. Anyway once I get it and get whatever I get from it, I'll post it.


  1. Happy Birthday Alexis. These comic strips are so fun to read through. So many that I have forgotten about. I've been trying to track down anything on "Catfish" but hard to find anything. One of my favorite comic strips from the 80s.

    1. I actually run across that comic strip in my searches quite a bit. I will start saving them when I find them in the online archives and do a post on my comic strip blog for you, might be awhile though as I am focusing on Halloween for my countdown.

      Also thank you for the birthday wishes.


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