Trading Card Treats: Spidey!

  Hey Everyone and welcome to my annual Halloween countdown event: 31 days of Halloween. All month long I will be taking a look at spooky toys, articles, and more! 

 Today I will show off the only true Halloween card from the Marvel version of Trading Card Treats. In 1991, Impel decided to come out with a small set of cards that you could give out instead of candy. They released Universal Monsters, Nintendo (mix of Link and Mario), Archie, Inspector Gadget, Widget, and of course Marvel. My family got me the Marvel ones as I really wanted them (I collected the Marvel Universe cards). Each series seems to have at least one "safety" card, but without the exception of the Universal Monsters, Spider-Man, and Ghost Rider they weren't really Halloween (Though skeletons might have been on the Link cards). As I had the Marvel ones, the Spidey one is a card that I fondly remember and hope to get again someday. The pic below is not my own and was grabbed from The Trading Card Database, where you can see all of the cards!

 On a sad note, due to real life, I might not be able to post everyday, I will do my best but a lot is going on currently (a loved one is sick). Also check out my other blog Comic Strip Treasures, as it is also part of the countdown!


  1. Hope you get to enjoy some moments of October and Halloween fun. My best to you and your loved one.


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