Toy Box Birthday - Part One

  Unlike previous boxes, this one was done in birthday wrapping which felt very appropriate since I just had mine! (I took a pic but its on my phone so i'll show that in part 2!)

 Due to the amount in this box, I am doing two posts! Also today's post is all music related! Toy Box gave me alot of greats this time. Most I will let the pics do the talking BUT some are so epic I have to do commentary!


The Best of Prince (both of them)   I love Prince so this is awesome!
One of my favorite groups (Genesis would be the other one)
I absolutely love Meatloaf. Though not on here, one of my all time fave music vids as a kid was "I'll Do Anything For Love!"
 Madonna cds, 2 of them. I was so happy as I love her. Though for many year's I couldn't stand her! Before you judge me, it wasn't her fault but my ex's. He was absolutely obsessed to the point that all he listened to or talked about was her. It drove all of us crazy!  

 But wait there's more. Let's continue through the history of music and take a look at Cassettes! Yep Cassettes. I love having things like these in my collection!

I always forget Eddie did some music!

Last up is epic and might be my very first Music Vinyl. And to make it better? Unopened and its Queen! 


Little known fact: I appear on the cover of the album! 😉 (Kidding obviously but this made me laugh!)

Now I really need an 8 Track to put in my new "History of Music display i'm going to be doing which will have my California Rasins and other music players!

I know that I said the record was it but I lied! 😂😋

I mean how can you do a music post w/o the king of pop? That's right! I even got Michael Jackson cards!

Unopened packs. (Should note that Toy Box also gave me sleeves, hard holders, and a card box as well.)
Series 1
Series 2
I have much more gum but chose to just show the varieties.

So that's all for this post (see why I split them up? But the next part will have comics, toys, and much more!


  1. Wow. Some classics in there. Kansas, Dio and Foriegnor! Sheena Easton, and even Eddie Murphy. Happy birthday!


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