A Disney Halloween (Mirrorverse and Funko Haunted Mansion 3 pk)


I am a huge Disney fan and wanted these as soon as I saw them online. I had decided only to collect the 5 in line and only wanted 3 of the 4 (Goofy, Mickey, and Belle!)

For those interested here are the 7 in figures (I believe Jack has a variant but don't quote me)

 So when I went to Target earlier this month I was so happy! The only 2 they had were 2 of the 3 I wanted lol!
These figures are pretty cool. The 5 in line has limited articulation but are good enough imo. In fact I'm just happy to have 5 in scale Goofy and Mickey figures!

They each come with removable weapons and a card.

The coolest thing is that they scale well (IMO) with the Phatmojo DuckTales, Funko Disney Afternoon, and even the 90s Playmates Disney line!

  Until we get Donald, this will do.


As I am running out of time I have decided to add this to the post rather than make a second one! I got this set earlier this tear at a flea market!


  1. I'm still on the hunt for Belle (the only one I want) in my area. The Ghosts look amazing, shiny is definitely a better choice than translucent.

    Thanks for being part of the Countdown this year!

    Your Countdown co-host, Dex

    1. I agree Metallic definitely works better and yeah I to am still on the hunt for her. Also it was a pleasure, I look forward to the countdown every year and you guys did a great job!


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