A Toy Box Christmas 2021

 First of all I would like to apologize for the lateness of this post, I had planned to post this yesterday and get back on my Mon, Wed, Fri schedule. Well for this Star Wars Day, we will look at this awesome box of gifts that I got from the Toy Box last month!

 For the fourth year in a row, my good friend The Toy Box has sent me a box of stuff wrapped in Christmas paper. Before I get into the gifts lets just look at that awesome TMNT paper!

 Last year he sent me a bunch of awesome Cd's and this year was no different. Excellent artists like Duran Duran, Devo, the Cars, Ozzy, 

and one of my favorite songs (what a feeling from Flashdance) were included.
 However the absolute standout is appropriate for today:
The set has two cd's and both look like the Death Star!

It's hard to tell in the pictures though!
It also came with a book (which I forgot to take pics of the pages. I love  SW soundtracks cause the instrumental can be relaxing and is good to meditate to.
Speaking of books. Last year I got an awesome G.I.JOE vintage toy collection book for collectors from Toy Box, well this year he sent me this one:

 One day I will have to review both books as they are very good. I recommend them both (which are both by Mark Bellomo.
 Next up are the comics! All are Spider-Man (which is my all time favorite) and am excited to add them back as I had many of these as a kid/teen.

  Last year he sent me some Maximum Carnage and this year, I get the conclusion!
 I even have the death of Aunt May now. Funny story. I was in the comic shop I frequented in Georgia and Aunt May was brought back (duh) and  a man said to me "after all the work we put into killing her?" I looked at the owner and then the man and realized the man was Mark Bagley!
 Last up (comic wise) are Ben Reilly issues! He is my all time favorite Spidey!
So I always love getting them from that era!

Oh Toy Box also sent me this awesome drawing of Spidey and his foes but as I didn't ask if I could share it I chose to leave it out, if he wants me to, I'll take a pic and share it next week!

 Next up is something I was delighted to see. I've been wanting a vintage NES cartridge for my collection so when I unwrapped this, I was really excited!
 G.I.JOE Classified (and retro) have been a nightmare to get. In fact I've only seen the awe striker, snake-eyes, and Hiss in retro (only bought Hiss, still hope to find Fang as its my favorite GIJOE vehicle ever) and in Classified I only had been able to grab a Roadblock so finding good old Cobra Commander was an absolute treat!
 Finishing up is my favorite line: Masters of the Universe! I really love the World's Smallest, sadly they are hard to find here. I'd order online but many places do random figures like the Power Rangers for example.
 Funny fact: the day before I received this package I had found and got He-Man and Skeletor and still needed BattleCat and Teela, now I just need Teela!
 You may remember that I needed alot of the Mini Masters. Not anymore! I now have all of Waves 1 and 2! (left out the copies in the pic)

I've started on wave 3 (Evil Lyn and Ninjor were bought by my friend Cass)
 I also got some awesome candy and fruit snacks! Thank You so much Toy Box, I really appreciate it and it really brightened my day and I needed it to (don't we all now?) Thanks again!



    Yes, you can absolutely share the artwork if you want. Anything you receive from me is yours to do with as you like!

    Glad you enjoyed everything. I still need to go back to Target and grab that Teela for you. I also have another Classified I may have to send your way.

    1. Ok will do and i'd love another classified figure if you choose to send it.

  2. Outfreakinstanding!!!! Those Bellomo books for Joe and Star Wars are fantastic. Kara the cat looks excited as well.

    1. She always is excited when new stuff (smells) come in the house.


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