A Package From G.I.Jigsaw!

  Recently I got an e-mail from my friend G.I.Jigsaw asking if i'd like some Disney figurines that he was getting rid of. As a Disney collector and well a figurine collector (as a kid figurines/pvcs were the only figures other than happy meals that I had of  Disney and Hanna Barbera characters) in general I said yes. What I got was more than I expected and really appreciate it!

 As there was so much I am not only grouping them together but going through pretty fast, some will get posts by themselves in the future! Lets take a look shall we?

 Beast (animated) and Beauty and the Beast (Live Action)  Its nice to add an animated Beast ti my collection. Thje live action I love as well, in fact I regretted never getting them when I had the chance.
As a huge Little Mermaid fan (she has her own table) you can bet I was thrilled to get these. I really love Max as I love figurines so much!

 I was ecstatic to add this set of Hercules figures to my collection.
 Unlike most of the others these 2 I actually had as a kid and needed so that I could have them again. So nice to add Genie and Jafar (with Iago) to the collection.
 As much as I loved Zootopia for some reason I never had much from the movie so getting these 3 is great.
 Ed (Hyena) I had as a kid. The others are great additions that I didn't have. Really love the Mickey plant!
 I collect Hot Wheels, not like Hot Wheels collectors as I am selective. I have always wanted some of the character cars but the price always put me off so getting not one but 6 finally was awesome. Once I move and redo my HW shelf these will be added to it.
 Like many I love the Peanuts, so I smiled when I saw these. I mean its almost every major character! I mean Franklin, how often do you even see a Franklin figure??? So awesome!
 Most might be meh on these but not me, I collect Littlest Pet shops (I even have a vintage horse. This pig and snake look great with my growing collection. I think the snake is my second fave of the ones that I have!
 Imaginext Teen Titans. These will be added to my Imaginext collection (minus Beast Boy.) Beast Boy will be added to my 4 inch Teen Titans display as I needed a Beast boy and he looks good with them (pic coming in future).
I saved one of the best for last: Lego Super Hero Girls Batgirl! This is in the Lego Friends style and just my third Lego friends figure. Batgirl is awesome and as a huge fan of the batwing, you can bet i love her bat jet!

 That is everything and wow what great items! TY again G.I.Jigsaw!


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