SURPRISE!  Yeah i'm back and will be posting here periodically once again and planning on doing 31 days of halloween here again this year!

 The reason I decided to post today (I planned to return on September 30 to announce 31 days) is that today was Pulsecon day one and thought that you all might like to see the reveals from #hasbro! I didn't get images of the new stormbreaker hammer or "con" exclusives, just the major reveals (IMO) I plan to get a few but that will depend on money and Mattel (as my main focus is MOTU origins these days!)

 They first showed the next Avengers wave:

 Cap (in stealth suit) from the Avengers video game! Other than the stealth suit, he also has a photo real headsculpt to look just like his game counterpart.
 They are also releasing a new Iron Man in a pretty cool blue color scheme.
 I have seen many people wanting this, so i'm happy that we are getting a classic Falcon! The wings are updated but otherwise he looks like the classic version! This is a figure that Toy Biz did in Legends but Hasbro never has!
 Thunderstrike is getting his first 6 inch Marvel Legends figure! They mentioned his angry face and said he's from the 90s and those guys were always angry. Although true, I personally feel that it ruins the figure. I would have probably got him as I am a huge THOR fan!
 OMG! Jocasta! What can I Say? She finally got a figure! I will most likely pick her up if I see her!
 My favorite Avengers Villain is getting a redo! I like him and think its great that he's back in toy form!
 The build-a-figure (BAF) in the wave is none other than the mean grey hulk known as Mr. Fixit! They mentioned that he uses the Kingpin body but it really works!

  They then showed us "previews" of future waves in 2021:

 They showed us a few figures from next years Spider-Man wave (the slide has a typo as its meant ti say 2021!

 We are getting a proper Miles Morales from the animated movie! For what it is (his middle suit) its pretty good. He also uses the new pin joint technology.
 Spider-Gwen (I know Ghost Spider but shes always gonna be Spider-Gwen to me!) looks amazing! This I definitely want. Not only do I not have a version of her yet but she comes with Spider-Ham! By the way, he only has articulation at the head so he can look left and right. Also notice that they accidentally put her hood down piece on top of her hood up one.
 The BAF will be Stiltman! I never liked him but he has a neat trick. You can add as many leg pieces as you want to make him huge (though wobally)! Even better? they listened and made his legs available with a troop builder!
 The Hand Ninja! So you can get as many legs as you want and have a troop to terrorize your collection!

They then showed us 2 figures from an upcoming all villain wave:
 Arcade! I am really happy to see him get a figure finally! Its obvious but they did point out that his cane in the digital render is NOT in scale!
 Dormammu from the comic? Oh wow! Yeah this I really want! I the figure looks anything like the render this might be my fave legends!

 They also showcased two Thanos related items:
 Deluxe Thanos from the Infinity Gauntlet (which turns 30 next year) comes with two hands: a regular gauntlet one and a snapping fingers one.
 We will also get Silver Surfer from "Thanos Wins!"

Next up they showed two more X-Men Retro figures (which will be Target exclusives in the US and TRU exclusives in Canada!):
 Gambit gets an updated head that looks much better.
Rogue was needed. The original release is high in after market!

 Speaking of X-Men, they also showed us 3 figures from next years X-Men wave which will be based upon the House of X/Powers of X storyline!
 Charles Xavier. All I can say is it looks like the source material BUT I still think this costume is ridiculous!
 All White Magneto! Again looks like the source material.
 Moira? We are getting a Moira figure? OMG! They said that she'll come with parts to make her look like her other lives. This I definitely want!

Last up they surprised us with:
 Next year is the anniversary of Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends so they are giving us a Firestar figure! No other details were given yet.

 Overall I think the reveals were pretty cool and there are a few I can't wait to add to my shelf!