PULSECON: Holiday Edition Star Wars Black Figures!

 Pulsecon began today and did many reveals. Now I won't be looking at the Star Wars reveals BUT these I just had to mention! They are so out of left field but they are so cute and I definitely will get at least one of them!

 Hasbro announced holiday deco Star Wars Black figures with side kicks!
 Sith Trooper (not sure who that is with him)  : Best Buy

Range Trooper with Rudolph (D-0)  : Target
Stormtrooper with Snow Porg : Amazon
Snowtrooper with Pog (with scarf) : Wal-Mart
Clonetrooper with Porg (Winter) : Gamestop

  Of course the ONE that I want the most is a WM exclusive and if your a collector, you know how bad they are with exclusives! Many fans have exploded but honestly? These are cute figures that will look good in any holiday display or shelf!