Lost Posts: Power Rangers Beast Morphers

Surprise! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Forgotten Posts is just posts that I forgot to actually post. (this is the only one thus far) This post was done back in September (minus words).
 I have become a huge fan of Hasbro's Beast Morphers basic figures. At $10, I recommend them! I also have Evox even though he's not shown as I got him in October!

To show scale: Zeo Red and Vr Trooper from the 90s!
The old 90s Beetleborgs work great with these guys!

 I'm not gone yet, I've decided to stick around but only sporadically! I'm much more active on Instagram (though due to life, I took a break there too). Also I will be doing a post or two next month on  Big Tone's Toy Stories!


  1. These are cool figures. Neat photos. Thanks for sharing. I am enjoying your Instagram site. Keep it up.


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