Last month I stumbled across a bagged set of Best Locks. I grabbed it right away as it was not only Star Gate but only a buck. 
 Best Lock are a line of Lego like blocks. I hate saying they are knock-offs but in this case I would use that name. Unlike Kreo or my favorite block series Megaconstrux, these are crap.
 Don't get me wrong, I love this set as a display piece but everytime I handle it, it falls apart.
 That and look at the mini figure. Yuck. He looks fine with the helmet but unmasked? not so much! I mean the cockpit can't even close with him in it! Also he doesn't sit well in it either!
 I don't really complain but this was pretty bad. Would I get more? yes if they were the right price but otherwise? No. I saw another bagged set (this one a generic set not stargate) and passed cause it was $5 and after this Dathglider set, I felt that was way too much!