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 Still way behind on posts due to major life issues but wanted to throw up a post so this one is a quickie from images I took months ago. Its of the 5.5 Sslithe from Funko. He is a great figure and thankfully I haven;t encountered the QC issues of the Thundercats line with the 2 that I have!
 Sslithe with figures from the other Savage Worlds lines: Zorn, Jason, and Kitanna!
Lion-O vs Ssslithe without his famous sword :O


  1. Love those 5.5 Funko Thundercats figures!

  2. That Ssslithe figure looks great!

  3. I didn't know the Thundercats line had a different scaled figures.Or Is it just Lion O's hair that makes him stand taller than Slithe?

    1. That and Ssslithe is a little shorter (as he should be)


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