Gizmo Duck from Funko

Ironically I haven't talked about this yet! Its odd because I was so ecstatic to find him all the way back in February! This shows how backlogged I really am (I still have stuff from late December/January to showcase!) This is what happens when you get sick and just go through the motions lol.
 I am a HUGE fan of Gizmo Duck and always wanted an action figure, we actually almost got one back in the 90s (as you can see above) for the Playmates Darkwing Duck line. Alas that line was cancelled before he could see the light of day (and other characters that I hope to see one day in Funko's line!)
 Decades later, we finally get him and he does NOT disappoint! He has articulation at the arms and head, but he also has a working wheel (something the Playmates figure looks like it would NOT have had)! Also his waist swivels! The paint is minimal but thats how it should be and is painted where it ought to be painted (something Funko does well and other companies should follow, especially since Funko is also much cheaper than the other companies!)
 Although I forgot to take a pic with them, he also fits in well with the Playmates line as they are around the same scale of the Funko line!
 All in all I am very happy with ol' Gizmo duck! Might have taken decades but it was well worth the wait!
 Funko is hitting it out of the park with this line. I just wish that we would get more than just one wave per year and the occasional exclusive!
 Now I just need to get the triplets (which are an exclusive) and then I'll have all of the duck figures for this line (except for Launchpad which I don't plan to get as the Playmates one works just as well.
  Now all we need is a 2017 Gizmo Duck to put with that series and then we'll be all set!
 Thats it for now, but more to come later this week!


  1. Fun figures. Funko does some really nice stuff but seem to just put out an hors douvre as a test and never get to the main entree. Anyway, cool figures.

    1. Yeah thats my main gripe, they spread themselves to thin and takes forever to get more!

  2. Funny you should post about these,I just picked up the Ducktales remake video game for my PS3!Doot,doot,doot,doot,doot,doodoot - doodoot! Hee hee!

  3. I saw these at Target recently... They look nice.


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