Quick: Little Mermaid Lego!

  I found this set of Lego Juniors at Wal-Mart on clearance back in January! I have been wanting a Little Mermaid set but never saw any I was willing to pay what they were asking for! Whats so great about this particular one is  that you get Ariel, Flounder, and Sebastian!
  As an added bonus heres another Mermaid (pony) figure I found recently. This is from the more recnt My Little Pony movie and was found at Five Below. The shell and Starfish have suction cups!


  1. Cool set. I purchased some of these for my daughter...unfortunately as she (temporarily) phased herself out of Lego. She'll be back...like all of us. Anyway, we sent them to our nieces and they love them. Disney and Lego did a great job with these sets.

    1. Yeah Lego is the ONE toyline I think we all go back to as it shapes imaginations. I agree that Disney and Lego did great. I mean they look more like Megaconstrux figures but with Lego building blocks.


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