My Masters Of The Universe MegaConstrux Recent Purchases!

SURPRISE! I was able to find time to finally do the typing for this post so this week isn't just random images like previously reported it would be!
  Recently, I added to my Mega Construx Motu line!
 In February, I got Duncan (Man At Arms) He looks great just like all of the other Mega Construx MOTU figures. I love that unlike Lego, these are action figures that look like the characters 100% and are able to interact with blocks like Lego! Duncan comes with a gun and his mace.
  This month, I picked up the Wind Raider! This is a fun and easy build, took me an hour or so but thats only because a certain someone kept rolling in the blocks and getting them stuck to her fur! The wind Raider has moveable wings, a working claw (has a string so you can make it look like you caught badies and then can roll it back in. The Wind Raider's final score? It's pretty cool!
It also came with 2 reissues with minor changes.
  He-Man (did come with his harness but I choose to have him without it to make him different) will be my Wundar! He came with his axe (which is a repainted Faker axe).
  Skeltor gets his feet painted like the vintage toy did (or at least his variants). He also comes with a purple power sword, a weapon that was glaringly missing from his original release!
  Here is most of my collection (you'll note 2 figures are missing) That is because Brother Midnight found the missing two for me and sent them in our trade box!
 So as of now I have all of them, this won't be the way forever sadly as their is no way I am getting Grayskull (Just can't afford it) so hopefully a repainted Sorceress will be available one day. Also I don't have the 5-pack but that is because everyone in it are exactly the same as the figures that I already own! That is it for now but a special post tomorrow featuring a random image and next week even more posts!


  1. These figures are so cool. Yeah - I saw that Castle Greyskull announced during Toy Fair. Awesome but crazy expensive - like $250.

    1. yep 250, technodrome was expensive to for tmnt megabloks and i don't own it. However I hope motu continues as the party wagon and technodrome prices i think killed tmnt as that line ended soon after.


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