Valentine item from Dollar Tree!

Happy Valentines Day. Since I have been MIA for a month I thought i'd do a bonus post today! There will be another post tomorrow!
  Last year I saw this TMNT Valentine box kit at Dollar Tree but  chose against it, this year I saw it for half off so I got it lol.
  It came with all you see here.
  It had these giant Stickers that you could put on it.
  As well as these stickers.
  The red sheet is hearts.
  Also because its for Valentines, it came with actual Valentines. 8 Varieties!
   All in all I love this thing and it doesn't need tape so it folds right up.
  Here it is all finished.
  I haven't decided what to do with it yet.
  Although I have used it for some photo shoots like the Toy Box Christmas II post!
  Its awesome, I might hang it on the wall with thumb tacks and put Megaconstrux TMNT or other TMNT mini figures on it as a display.
  There are definitely possibilities.
  Hope you enjoyed this holiday post where I ramble on about a cheap Valentines day box!
  Oh and here is what the back of the Valentines look like!


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