Old tickets from Disney!

 Last month I showed off the GuideMap that my former case manager brought back from Disney world  for me, well I remembered that my Dad still had an old Disney ticket somewhere and asked for him to look for it. What he found shocked me!

 As you can see he found 4! 2 are Armed Forces ( the 4 day one and Donald). He also found a Transportation ticket for the Olympics from when we went to Olympic Park during the Olympics in 96 when they were in Atlanta! No we didn't see any of the games as the ones Dad wanted to see were sold (Gymnastics) and this was before I started watching them!


  1. Very neat finds. Cool that your dad still had them.

    1. Yeah I was stoked and shocked. This is a man who tossed our old ornaments and etc but saved these lol. I'm happy.


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