Um Let It Snow?

 Yesterday I showcased some pics of me in the snow as a kid, today how about some pics from this year? We haven't had a great snowfall yet (in my opinion) but we've had some nice snow events and an ice storm! The ice storm I have 0 Pics as I refused to go out, I even cancelled a doctor appointment due to it! Thankfully Ice storms are rare here as this was just the second one I have been in in my life.

 The first 4 are around my old college and the church across from it!
 Kara chilling out inside!
  These last 4 are outside my house and are from last week!


  1. Used to love the snow. Not so fun as I get older. Except if I can recreate Hoth. Then it's cool.

    1. lol Yeah recreating Hoth can be fun. Also I love snow but it does get annoying once its at the point I have to shovel it, which I have not had to do yet this season.


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