Multiverse Supergirl

  On the first I finally broke down and bought the DC Multiverse Supergirl. Since Supergirl and the Flash keep flip flopping as my favorite tv show currently on network television (and the fact that not only is Supergirl one of, if not my favorite DC hero but that I also have a collection of her figures), its shocking that I kept saying no. The sad truth is the face sculpt, I hated it but am glad that I finally caved and for $5? I am definitely happy!
  No stunts, I actually got her to stand that way ONCE! lol
  All 4 of my "Arrowverse" figures. Supergirl is the only one I ever passed on, I never saw any of the other Arrowverse figures :(
                                                             Her "meh" face sculpt.


  1. I actually liked the first couple of episodes of SG I watched but never stuck to it.


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