31 Days of Halloween: Misc Books For Halloween!

  Over the years I have collected Halloween books over at Goodwill. My plan was to showcase them but never got around to it so today I will do a quick note of if I feel they are worth it.
  Ok I know Augh Barney! I will say that I enjoyed this book. It took me less than a minute or two to read and I am a slow reader. This is perfect for the little ones and Barney fans that want it in their collection! The story is short and sweet: Barney and friends decorate the house and then go trick or treating. From 1996!
  Ol' Clifford! I grew up with the bed red dog as I bet most of you did so I was happy to find this. I don't think I ever had this particular book but since it is from 1986 I might have! I was looking for Halloween books and was like Clifford! The story is simple (as it should be as its a kids book!) Clifford's friend Emily tells us how they went as a pirate and Ghost (clifford) last Halloween and had fun and this year she will be a fairy princess but what should Clifford be? What I really liked about this particular book was that they listed various holidays like Christmas! I would recommend this if you can find it!
 Brother, Sister, and Cousin Fred go off into "Spooky Woods" to camp and Papa Bear tries to scare them. Scout Leader Jane spoiled his plans and Mama then also teaches Papa a lesson! I loved the Bernstein Bears as a kid and had this book! It was from 1988 so I was 10 at the time. I recommend this to any Berenstain Bears fan and of course children!
  Ah The Scary Stories series (sadly I still am missing the first book in the series!) This trilogy is great and features short stories based on folklore.
 As an adult, some are still creepy but all are good. Out of all of the books I showcased today, I recommend this trilogy to everyone! Below is one of the stories.

Thats it today but two more days are left of the countdown!


  1. I think I might have a copy or two of Scary stories to tell in the dark ;)


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