31 Days of Halloween: A Eureka's Castle Halloween Special!

 Here it is, the finale to 31 Days of Halloween! Earlier today I did Part one (the Halloween That Almost Wasn't) and here is Part two: Eureka's Castle Halloween! Like Halloween that almost wasn't, I planned to do this review before (in its case last year) and am finally getting to it.
 Before I get into the special, a little background might be needed. Eureka's Castle aired from 1989-1995 on Nicklodeon's Nick Jr. block. The show featured puppets and the characters were designed by none other than "Goosebumps" author R.L. Stine! He was also the head writer of the series!
  The special starts with 3 mice running scared in a rain storm.
  Turns out a monster is chasing them.
  Over at the Castle Eureka is reading Magellan and company a book about fuzzy stuff. Soon Batly drops in and scares Magellan about a movie he saw called "It Came From Beneath The Bed!" Soon after Magellan sees the monster that was chasing the mice but Eureka doesn't believe him and thinks that he is imagining Batly's monster. I won't spoil anymore but this was a great special and a lot of fun. Can't wait to watch the Christmas special now!
  Overall I really loved this special, but then again I loved this series. Glad it is as good as I remembered the series being as I haven't seen an episode of Eureka's Castle in decades!
  I recommend this to any fan of Eureka's Castle, puppet shows, and kids.
  The funny thing is the fact that the special has two names. The one I feel is the real title is above. The other one is the title of the movie Batly saw!
 Well that is it for 31 Days of Halloween this year! As always I wish you all a safe and Happy Halloween and will be taking a break during November and doing only sporadic posting. In December I will be doing posts every Monday and Friday! Again have a Happy Halloween and hope that you enjoyed the countdown!


  1. Congrats on finishing ANOTHER 31 days of Halloween!!!

    1. Thank you, yeah as you know they can get difficult but I am always proud when i do.


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