Random Stuff!

Thought I'd show some random pictures that I have taken of late in one post!
  Let's Start off with Aqualad and Impulse from Young Justice. Can't wait for Sason 3 on DC Universe later this year!
 This one I did because Street Fighter characters are being added to the mobile Power Rangers game (which I don't play because I don't have a cell) and Bat in the Sun is doing a live action web mini series as well and it features JDF! 
The trailer looks amazing!
  This was don because next year we are getting more Clone Wars! It'll be on Disney's version of Netflix!
  This one I did just because and shows the only crew members of the Ghost from Star Wars Rebels that I own!
  I was inspired to do this one (all given to me by Brother Midnight! Oh by the way both of his sites are in the link as each word represents a site :) ) when I got that battle beast! These represent G1 of the Transformers and G2! Chop Shop (Vintage G1), Horny Toad (Not kidding that is his Battle Beasts name), A Go-Bot, and G2 Grimlock (one of them as there were 3 or 4 paint variations on the 3 dinobots in the G2 series!)
 And finally a shot of my only 2 C.O.W. Boys of Moo Mesa figures!

 Well thats it for today!


  1. Good stuff!How cool would It have been If Street Fighter had made an appearance in the Joe cartoon.The Sagat figure In that line Is on my radar heavy.

    1. It would have been awesome! Chun-li from SF II (only one I had) and Blanka are on mine!


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